Why One Photographer is Considering Switching From Canon

Canon vs. Nikon vs. Sony vs. Fujifilm vs. insert camera manufacturer name here. In the current atmosphere of fierce competition driven by faster cycles of next-generation technology, it seems there are more photographers switching brands than ever. Here is why one photographer is considering switching from Canon after eighteen years.

Landscape photographer and popular YouTuber Thomas Heaton begins his discussion of the Canon EOS-R mirrorless camera by making it clear that his video is not in the slightest way a comprehensive review of the camera. Heaton has not used a number of the features including the video mode, but has put the camera through its paces with a week of landscape photography in Iceland and his opinion is that Canon has nothing new to offer with this product. While the camera worked well for Heaton in Iceland, he finds that everything he likes about the EOS-R can be found in Canon's other offerings. 

Heaton is so disillusioned by Canon's lack of innovation that he is considering switching to another brand after eighteen years of dedicated Canon use. There are numerous articles and think pieces out there, including many fine ones on this site, comparing the leading manufacturers as they continue to try and jockey for position with each new camera release. While the switching cost can be high for photographers who have invested significant money in a particular brand, it's clear that innovation is driving increasing market share for those companies willing to invest in it. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the EOS-R, Canon's latest offerings compared to its competitors, or the state of the industry in general. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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There are a number of valid reasons for switching brands. I switched from Canon to Nikon about 3 years ago. Part of my normal business update cycle. Replacement of old gear, reducing maintenance costs, keeping technology current to improve capability. Despite these common sentiments that too many people buy the "latest, greatest", it can be a business decision that improves profitability and imaging capability. Fortunately, I've never let Internet Experts make my business decisions.

Want another viewpoint, here's my recent blog article.


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I shoot with Canon and Nikon and both take the photos I want. *shrug*

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I don't like very much his "reasons" to switch but still no one can say that EOS R features are comparable to Sony. Single slot, crippled 4k, no IBIS, no eye AF, no super slowmotion, color banding. I know you can shoot even with an old Polaroid but you should pay for what you get. And with Canon, right now, you get less than with most of the competitors. This is a fact.

Cheers for that! YES, I follow TH and I have to admit, HE'S TOTALLY RIGHT! Canon has really messed it up and just plays for time lately, god knows why though. They really make a clown out of themselfs! I know many that have changed, but Canon don't seem to care. Good for Thomas, I like his Videos and work, ok, he's british ;-)

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I share Thomas Heatons frustration. Canon in comparison to the others shows the least innovation. Too bad. The EOS R has little over the 5DIV thats two years old. Theres no replacement for Canons 7D II. I want the same ability as a Sony a9 in a Canon RF lens mount camera. I want a high ISO low noise capable sensor. I want ultra fast low light, super accyrate AF in high frame rate shooting.

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For a long time I was on Pentax. As a lot of people I waited that they will bring up a full-frame DSLR. As many I lost the hope and switched to Canon (5D Mark III and 650D). A year later I bought for the studio additional a Nikon D750.
Two years ago I wanted to do another invest and waited for the Canon 5D Mark IV. I'm glad that I don't bought this camera. I waited for the experience of other photographers. The sensor quality wasn't really a great step. And also no other new features for a "must have" decisions. So I waited once more for the first mirrorless full-frame camera from Nikon or Canon to use it in professional way (wedding, studio). In this time Sony brought one cam at the other with big new features. A7III, A/RIII and A9. A great sensor, eye-focus, face-detection, 5-way stabilization (which work together with stabilization in the lense), Wifi, Bluetooth, and the most important thing for professionals: Dual slot.
When Nikon Z7 and Z6 and also Canon EOS R comes up, the decision has been made. Good bye Canon today and good bye Nikon (a bit later). Sony A9 and A7III is my new working tool.
For Canon EOS R you need also an adapter to use old lenses. With the Sigma MC-11 I can use my old Canon lenses nearly perfect.
Canon and Nikon are so yesterday - no really innovation. No, you're not a better photographer with better gear. But better gear can save your bacon i.e. if you have to take pictures of a wedding in a dark chapel or you want to take a landscape with stars picture in one picture.

Watch the entire clip "game changer at the end", considering is the word used