The Playful Photographic Process With Erinn Springer

Erinn Springer is a lifestyle and culture photographer based in New York City. Her images have a beautiful balance of whimsy and elegance to them, and in this short video, she shares how her process lends itself to creating such strong photos.

As we get better as photographers and learn to master all the technical minutiae that go into making our images, there's often a tendency to become slightly formulaic with our process or to leave no room for the element of chance. As Springer demonstrates in this video, however, leaving the door open for randomness not only allows for found portraits, but also begets a certain intimacy. Her insistence on creating images that evoke sensory responses lends the end results strong storylines that pull the viewer in, and her avoidance of Lightroom (instead choosing to process each image from scratch in Photoshop) allows each photo to develop organically as opposed to the temptation to apply preconceived aesthetic choices. Unsurprisingly, her gear is rather minimal; she shoots with a Canon 5D Mark III coupled with 50mm f/1.2L and 24-105mm f/4L lenses. 

Be sure to check out more of Springer's work on her site and follow her on Instagram!

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Anonymous's picture

Really enjoyed seeing her work and listening to her story. Love her sense of whimsical story telling.

Thank you both so much! :)

Matthias Dengler's picture

That's very nice! I really like how natural she also speaks. Her personality really shines through in her images and her talking. Great pick, Alex!
I feel also kind of connected to her style, since I've recently started to shoot more people and lifestyle pictures. Then I also just let people be themselves and run around. That's really great!

Very fresh, fun and yes, full of great personal style.. immediately followed on instagram! 😀