Aputure Launches New Projection Lens Spotlight Minizoom

Aputure has been one of the most interesting companies in the lighting space over the last few years, with some brilliant and affordable options. This latest projection lens attachment has had me very interested indeed.

I first got chatting with Aputure last year when I tried their little MC RGBWW LED Light. I'll be honest, I wasn't particularly excited to try it, but once I did, I was surprised just how much I liked it. In fact, I used it in two magazine shoots within a couple of months of owning one. Then I started trying their other lights, namely the LS 60d Daylight LED, and I was again surprised. I am writing a full article on Aputure this month, so I won't tread on my own toes too much, but the price versus quality almost didn't make sense to me; it was too good.

Now, they have released this interesting attachment for the LS 60 series (as well as a softbox), and I think I know where this is going. I don't know if I can be surprised again, but I can think of a million applications for this light. With the power, clarity, and versatility, it'll work perfectly for a rim light, accent light, key light, background light, and that's without the Gobos and shutters.

The Spotlight Mini Zoom has a 15°-30° 2x adjustable focus projection lens, which is chromatic aberration free, accepts M-size Gobos in its included holder, and even comes with 15 different Gobos. The Spotlight Mini Zoom is on sale now for $499.

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