Bullet-Time Light-Painting Photography with Eric Paré

Bullet-Time Light-Painting Photography with Eric Paré

If you find yourself asking, "what the hell is bullet-time?" You’ve probably never seen the matrix. Bullet-time is also known as adrenaline time or focus time. It’s been used as far back as 1985 in Accept’s Midnight Mover Video. It was taken one step further by the Matrix franchise utilizing CGI, stopping time, and rotating the camera perspective though a complex scene and starting back up again.

Eric, using an LED strip and 32 Canon SL1 cameras, created a fantastic bullet time animation. The final photos are pretty incredible themselves.

32 Canon SL1s

Eric took to the studio and surprisingly did most of the action himself, triggering the cameras with his left hand and moving the LED strip with his right. The only source of light is the LED strip hanging from the ceiling.

Eric moving light strip

These are all just a warm up for a much larger project called Little Circle.

Little Circle is a dance film project by photographer Eric Paré and contemporary dancer Kim Henry. They first spent a few months in a tiny dark studio during a cold Montreal’s winter to capture motion in 360 degree using cameras on a circular ring. When spring arrived, they decided to get out of the dark and make a last spin, the biggest of their lives, the greatest they could achieve: a full round trip around the world. They left their tiny playground to explore and get inspired by infinite spaces: deserts, oceans, fields and mountains. A breathtaking experience where landscape blends into hypnotic and delicate dance movements.

Here are a few more Bullet-Time videos worth checking out (click to view them):

Light Painting 1

Light Painting 2

Light Painting 3

Light Painting 5

Images used with permission.

[Via ericpare.com]


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