Lighting Tips and Tricks With JB Sallee

Do you want some new or different ideas on how to use your lighting when shooting a scene, a portrait, or both? Do you have multiple strobes or lighting but haven’t really put them to the test outside with a client? This set of lighting tips from B&H Photo Video and JB Sallee may be right up your alley.

Directing your lighting and being a master of your craft is just one part of being a photographer today. If you’re not taking advantage of the on-location lighting that’s available as of the past several years, you may be leaving your clients missing out on the type of photography they were hoping you could create. Sallee gives us a quick rundown of lighting options when working on location and how to create impact with a dual-light setup.

One great thing that Sallee discusses is layering light in camera within multiple images to create interesting compositions in post. Achieving those type of effects otherwise wouldn’t be possible without a much larger amount of lighting and grip. Sallee also mentions that his lighting of choice currently is the Profoto B10, and this helps him achieve some of the unique vision he is creating. 

Are you already using any of the techniques or equipment that Sallee discusses?

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a couple things...

This could be the single most interesting thing i've read on here since i joined year or two back.... thx for the share. grt!

dude's got a grip of dope stuff in his portfolio, for sure. props on the write-up for linking to his [actual] port instead of his youtube. but, it's understood that that could just be my up-bringing though... dude is like a light wizard tho! haha....