Five Lightroom Tips You May Not Know About

With popular software in a perpetual state of change, it's always useful to keep an eye out for videos which offer tips and advice for things you may have missed.I'll admit it, I use Lightroom to about 10% of its capacity. I primarily use it for structure and order of my library of photos and shoots so I can quickly locate images when I need them. As soon as it gets to the retouching phase, I do basic corrections in Lightroom, and then it's over to Photoshop for the heavy lifting.

The more I read and watch on Lightroom, the more I want to get out of that habit. I have been using Photoshop for so many years now that it feels like an extension of my camera and I'm completely comfortable with what I can coax out of it, and my limitations. However, I think a two-pronged attack might be better for overall quality and Matt and Seb's YouTube channel is one of the primary reasons for my shift in philosophy.

This video is a very familiar format and title, but don't let that fool you in to thinking there's nothing to be learned here. That said, perhaps you have a better tip. If so, let's hear it. Leave your best Lightroom tips in the comments below.

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Really? Another 10 minutes I'll never get back. Fstoppers really has hits the skids I'm afraid. And why does Robert K Braggs get a byline for writing 200 words about a video he likes?

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Brutal waste of time.

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Too much useless videos of this kind on Fstoppers now…
People speaking just to give air to their throat…
I am really disappointed…

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There's even a video entitled '5 tips for photographing your pets at home'. I clicked on it in error thinking it was the Lightroom one. Wow oh wow! The blogger was stroking his pussy. No thank you.

This site started off with so many good intentions a few years ago. Aiming at the semi / pro market, it published thought-provoking, professional articles. Not any longer. Lee Morris had his epiphany as a wannabe video producer and all but buggered off. It's all been downhill ever since.

I only really log on these days so that I can look at all the drivel that's being published and become Mr Irate of Hampshire. Let's face it, we all need something to whinge about. This is mine.

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We need the possibility to rate (or not rate) each article with "stars", or something similar (thumb up and down)

fstoppers have no News today i see..