How to Batch Edit Photos Consistently and with Style in Lightroom

Trying to create an overall feel or style for a collection of images can be challenging, especially if there is a large amount of diversity across a set that you want to present together. In this short video, photographer Julia Trotti explains how she uses Lightroom to create a cohesive collection of images.

Different lighting and lenses can make images look incredibly different, even if they were all shot in the same location. As a result, being able to endow a gallery of photographs with a consistent style can be challenging. Fortunately, Lightroom’s ability to synchronize images offers a simple method for sharing certain changes across a number of photos, and Trotti’s approach works well when it comes to ensuring that you go about making your changes in the right order, as well as then tweaking individual images according to their individuality, but without making them look too different from the rest.

One thing I really appreciate about Trotti’s work is her attention to color and the manner in which she uses RGB curves to tune in to how she sees a certain location or time of day. Scotland’s color palette lends itself well to her matt style of editing and it’s great to get some insights into how she goes about achieving her results, especially so quickly.

If you have any tips for how to quickly create a consistent edit in Lightroom, leave a comment below.

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