Use Lightroom to Process Your Black and White Photos

So you want to create photographs in black and white. Lucky for you this new tutorial by Gary Randall will walk you through some of the best ways to do just that.

As most of you know, black and white photography was one of the original viewing formats available when photography first came into being. You didn't have a choice until color film was developed. After the advent of color film, and then digital cameras, black and white started to become more of an artistic choice. Black and white images were created out of desire rather than necessity. Realistically, this should really be the only motive behind creating a black and white image.

All too often I've heard of photographers who have said they can't quite get the colors right in the full color image so they just turn it grayscale and call it good. Yes, for those of you who are wondering, there is a dramatic difference between grayscale images and black and white images. Grayscale is simply where you remove all the color saturation; it's an artless piece of work, done with no actual thought to the image overall. A true black and white image is one that is carefully crafted with the absence of color. If this type of image is one that you aspire to create, then this tutorial is truly one for you.

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Compelling Imaging's picture

Gary Randall is a master! Good to see some content from here on the site. Thank you for sharing the video!!!

Gary Randall's picture

Thank you Kyle. I appreciate that very much.

Robby MacGillivray's picture

My type of dude - old school knowledge with new style technology - now I have to find me some snow :)

Gary Randall's picture

Thank you Robby. Come to Oregon. It's snowing like hell right now. :D