Using Lightroom Presets to Create Dramatic Black and White Photos

If you enjoyed learning How to Create That Urban High Contrast Desaturated Look in Lightroom, then chances are you will like learning how to create dramatic black and white photos with Lightroom presets. In this tutorial, Serge Ramelli again teaches us some methods for editing in Lightroom. Whether you are an enthusiast of the program or just getting started and want to add a dramatic touch to your black and white photos, check out this video.

Ramelli begins by showing the basic adjustments he makes to black and white images. From there, he shows you how to add gradient filters to guide the viewers eyes, break the gradient by using radial gradient filters, and save your settings so you can use them as a preset and starting point for future images. Ramelli continues to demonstrate how using the preset can be an easy beginning to an image and shows examples of how to fine-tune your preset for each image.

If you liked Ramelli's last tutorial, this one is definitely worth a watch; you can even sign up using your email and get a free download of the presets. I think this type of editing can definitely work great and be a wonder for your workflow. However, you still have to make sure you are spending time with each image. Simply applying a preset won't make your images great; you definitely need to take the time to adjust each one; otherwise, the style can look overdone and honestly, make your image worse. Take a few minutes and check this one out; let us know if you have any Lightroom tricks of your own. If you want to find more tutorials from Serge Ramelli, you can check out more videos on his website.

[via ISO1200]

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Doesn't anyone do their own work? Oh, I forgot this is the instant grat gen. And what are you doing in your profile pic Michael? Looks like the grind :)