15 Amazing Images Of The Festival of Colors

15 Amazing Images Of The Festival of Colors

Thomas Hawk, San Francisco based photographer, took amazing photos during the 2012 Holi Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork, Utah earlier this year. The Hindu festival of Holi is being celebrated every year on March, and became a big hit in the photography community in the past few years because of the use of a lot of colored powder that makes it all look very magical.

Back in April we featured here an amazing video from a similar event in India, if you missed it please check it out!

Across a Crowd

Splash and Color

His Exploding Heart

Double Duty

All She Ever Made


So See How You LIke it Now

Festival of Colors, Spanish Fork, UT


Festival of Colors, Spanish Fork, UT

Festival of Colors, Spanish Fork, UT


A Little Dirt Never Hurt

Purple Skies

Festival of Colors, Spanish Fork, UT

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Chance Calgher's picture

So awesome!

Yea this is too cool

Anton Ståhl's picture

It´s cool, but its way better at the original holi festival in India!

Christoffer Fryd's picture

A black&white photo from a color festival... interesting.

Jason DreamArts's picture

Why there nothing like that in Euro :(
But like it's said in back comment, Festival of Holi in India it's a bit better, but this in Utah look really cool too !

PS : one Day I hope I can make some cool photo of an event like that :)

Alexandra Sophie's picture

There is something like this in Germany :)

Jason DreamArts's picture

 Seriously ? When ? Where ? Need to go in Germany for this festival of color !

My kids went to this with their mother and her boyfriend. We kept finding bits of the color for weeks. :)

KGB's picture

Wayyy too much post.

i think you guys should take a look at this one. A couple kissing in the middle of all this.