Birds Eye View Room Portraits by Menno Aden

Birds Eye View Room Portraits by Menno Aden

This is a first for this style of indoor photography. Usually you see nice clean HDR shots of rooms or office space for real estate agents. Menno Aden takes a whole different approach on this genre, one many people never really see.

Using a camera mounted to the middle of the ceiling, Menno captures a view of locations never really seen before. This gives the images a unique perspective on an ordinary living space or storefront. I think this would be a pretty cool way to start getting a better idea for planning room layouts. Definitely a different look that I haven't seen before.

What are your thoughts on these? Think it is something that could catch on?

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Cool - would like to see his rig for this. Hole in the ceiling? Suction cups? Studio for some of them?

Really very incredibly totally awesome! Guy took the advice 'change perspective' to new heights. No pun intended.

Great images...

But, none of them are as cool at this photograph....

I wouldn't mind watching a BTS video for this ..

You ask, we deliver!

PS: Spoof in the article above, he doesn't use "a camera mounted to the middle of the ceiling"

A monopod, 35-50mm lens and a whole lot of patience and dedication= extremely interesting images.

he is not a first one:

AFAIK, Jan Smaga and Aneta Grzeszykowska used Manfrotto autopole

Cool concept but I don't really see this as very artistic photography. He had an interesting and creative idea to do the first one and since then he is just replicating a technical recipe that really doesn't require any creative vision. He isn't cleverly lighting these photos, he isn't doing any creative styling in photoshop. The composition is always exactly the same. He effectively makes zero creative decisions. You could program a robot to make these images and it would end up with virtually the exact same final images as he does in a given room.

Zach Sutton in one of the earlier comments posted an example of a similar concept done in a way where the photographer makes a very creatively imagined image from the same perspective.

i disagree with you man... these are great

The copy on this is a little redundant... "never really" and "seen before" are repeated a lot :)

These photos are amazing though! I like that he didn't just choose "beautiful" spaces; I enjoy seeing the dirtier rooms too. 

These are so awesome!!! such a different perspective... i love them

This reminds me a bit of birds-eye-view scenes in the graphic novel 'Born Again' by artist David Mazzuchelli (from the late 1980s)  as in linked thumbnail below.

I would like to create something like this of my room however the challenge with my room is that the ceilings are slanted at angles, is there a way around that?