Painful Images of Shark Trading in the Arabian Sea

Painful Images of Shark Trading in the Arabian Sea

As a resident of a coastal town, I can’t imagine what it would be like if this were happening here. This past summer a friend of mine took me fishing, not for nourishment but for the experience and I ended up catching a baby shark (don't worry, I threw him back in). The whole experience was pretty amazing. Then back in October I got scuba certified and got to “swim with the fishies.” So when I saw these images taken by Thomas P. Peschak for TIME Magazine of the shark trading business, I was shocked. Over 73 million sharks are killed every year for trading purposes resulting in around 50 different species added to the endangered species list. Not only are these fishermen killing sharks that are on the endangered species list, but their nets are trapping innocent sea life. If you’ve watched Whale Wars on the Discovery Channel then you know that yes, maybe a handful of ships get caught and shut down but the cycle continues because there is big money in the business. The same for the shark trade business. I won’t get into politics over this but it’s pretty sad to see.

Like I said, I had a great experience with these creatures (sharks are awesome) and these pictures really hit me hard. Let us know how these affect you in the comments below.

[Via TIME]

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The oceans are less plentiful and limitless than we collectively think - so if you are into underwater photography, go out and take pictures now. I dreamed of swimming the Great Barrier Reef as a kid, and it's shocking to hear how much of the reef is gone now. Document what you can while you can!

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Fucking retards.

Please grow up! Before calling these people "retards" do consider their plight, this is probably the only way they can make a living and support their families. You haven't a clue what people in impoverished countries have to do to survive, I've witnessed many things like this first hand in a number of poor countries. Yes, it is sad to see, and I don't like it any more than you do, but unless you want to get off your ass and help those less fortunate than yourself make a sustainable living please keep your ridicule to yourself. We are too quick to judge those without even comprehending their circumstances, if YOU had to choose between a shark and feeding your kids or family what would your choice be?

Not necessarily the fishers (whalers? sharkers?), but those who have created the industry in the first place: The inflated markup on shark fins as a decadent meal, and the use in alternative "medicine".
Everything but the shark fin has almost no value. But the fin itself has a ridiculous value, but it's all artificial. It's a bullshit industry that has no reason to exist.

Humans, we are our own worst enemy!!!!!! this makes me sick i wonder how we have survived so long?

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This makes me so angry!

because you're easily manipulated? just a guess...

 Because you have a moral compass. You would probably be equally angry watching "depopulation" suspected (but not proven) bird flu cases, or your average factory slaughter house.

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More angry than whaling, I think... Grrr

Thank you for putting this out there. We live in a sad and selfish world. Now go out and help change that! :-)

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It is heartbreaking to see images of sharks being slaughtered by the millions, but much of the anger should be directed at the consumers - this wouldn't happen if it wasn't so lucrative and the demand wasn't so high. 

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one of the reasons i stay vegetarian. 
they say - go and change something. i say - stay and change yourself.

I won’t get into politics over this but it’s pretty sad to see./endquote

I'm struggling to understand the context of politics in this?

 Good point.

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Scroll down and you can see how this conversation has already turned political, haha.

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Why are you people more upset about this than unborn babies being slaughtered? Sharks don't think/feel/reason like humans do. And yes, a fetus absolutely does those things. This is what's wrong with the world, that you'd care to protect some fish over a human being! Sure, a shark is caught, has his dorsal fin cut...a baby is RIPPED limb from limb, body part by body part, while being dragged through the birth canal. People with your attitude make ME sick.

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Hoping that this isn't some pro-life agenda, am I missing something? Can we get a link to some articles or links with more information?

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 No, not a pro-life agenda. Just gets under my skin that so many people go out of their way to protect animals and animal rights, and those very same people ignore babies and their rights. The attitude is that animals are more important and it is beyond infuriating.

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Can I see an article from a legitimate news source or peer-reviewed journal that discusses these "babies that are ripped limb by limb, body part by body part, through the birth canal?"

I'm not aware of any culture that has turned the slaughter of fetuses into a multi-million (billion?) dollar industry, nor of any culture that slaughters them by the thousands. 

Mike, if you crawl out from under your rock maybe you will learn about Planned Parenthood, the multi-billion dollar abortion industry that you say doesn't exist., maybe you can read up on it before posting ignorant comments.

Went to wikpedia, Ctrl+F'd "dollar" (nothing) and Ctrl+F'd "billion" (nothing)

Where's that industry, again?
And if it were there, do you not think it would be easily saturated?

Well, if you insist I show you facts instead of using your head a little.. "According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), since 1973, roughly 50 million legal induced abortions have been performed in the United States.". "Industry is the production of an economic good or service within an economy", Source Wikipedia. Since planned parenthood charges money for these abortions I think it is safe to call it an industry. Well that wasn't too difficult for you to understand, was it, Anders?

Human life is pretty cheap anymore, as we are more than double our estimated sustainable number and growing. I'd personally abort 10 human fetuses just to save one shark.

It's a shame that your mother didn't abort your "fetus"..! But to make things right maybe jump off a bridge and feed those sharks you seem to care so much about and cut the human population. Seems you are too selfish to do that and would rather sacrifice those who cannot speak for themselves... you worthless piece of trash!

The conversation is getting pretty far off topic by talking about abortion as-is, but suggesting that someone should go commit suicide - even sarcastically - is over the line. 

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Lose argument, resort to personal attack. Welcome to the internet!

How was the argument lost?? The only loser here is you ! Instead of writing your chronically  pitiful responses please post something of substance or just keep your ignorance to yourself.

I am glad you notice the sarcasm, but please notice the disgusting comment I was replying to. 

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  It is easy to throw insults anonymously...

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