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Probably the Most Fun Educational Photography Video You'll See This Year

If you are not getting absolute joy out of photography, you are doing it all wrong. Rob Cottle and Geraint Radford show you how nature photography should be done.

There's no better place you can be than lying in goose poo, on your belly, pointing your camera at critters!

Photographing creatures great and small on a bright and windy day isn't easy. This excellent and truly fun video shows you how to make the most of the situation. The two Welsh photographers meet up to visit a pond set in the grounds of a large house and get some superb shots.

I've had the pleasure of meeting both Rob and Geraint, and I also interviewed Rob for Fstoppers a while ago, and I have been planning to interview Geraint for some time; watch this space. Both are well-known photographers here in the UK. If you've seen their short videos on Instagram, you will know they are an absolute laugh, and they are as much that in real life as they are on screen. They are also both talented photographers too who revel in sharing their camera techniques. Rob is a wildlife photographer and Geraint is a macro photographer. They are also good friends and, consequently, their refreshing humor delivered in their fabulous Welsh accents make their educational videos far more entertaining than most.

Rob and Geraint have just started a YouTube channel and posted their first video. In this first episode, they visit a pond in less-than-ideal photographic conditions. But they manage to capture some excellent shots and video, nonetheless. Throughout the video, they give some great advice about how to get compelling shots of wildlife, especially where to place yourself and the camera for the best shots in relation to the creatures they are photographing.

Although they briefly mention their exposure settings and the kit they use, being OM System Ambassadors they both use an OM System OM-1, and Rob's lens is a Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm f/4.5 TC1.25X IS PRO, this video is more about techniques than the equipment.

Well worth watching, this video will help lift your wildlife and macro photography to the next level.

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Earning a living as a photographer, website developer, and writer and Based in the North East of England, much of Ivor's work is training others; helping people become better photographers. He has a special interest in supporting people with their mental well-being through photography. In 2023 he became a brand ambassador for the OM System

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They're a joy to watch - can't wait for more videos! 😂

It brightened up my morning!

Like a comfy pair of slippers! Very nice video. I’ll certainly be checking these guys out. One thing I would say while lying down to get the shot is a great idea I would suggest you give yourself a quick check for ticks once you are done especially if the area you find yourself in has a deer or rabbit population.

Yea...and if you're south of the Mason/Dixon line in the states, look for fire ant beds. My son (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) that knows better, was lying down at an engagement shoot. His foot was resting on a fire ant hill and a platoon of the little buggers got on his leg and let him know he messed up!

Thanks, Eric. I used to take groups hillwalking in Scotland as part of my work years ago and tics were a risk and a lot of my colleagues suffered from them latching onto them. I didn't get one. I put it down to bad meat!

Fire ants sound horrendous, David. I hope your son was okay after. Remind me not to go shooting in the Southern States!