Meet The Fstoppers Team: Kenn Tam

I'm a Canadian born, full-time Photographer, living and working in Manhattan. And yes, I was that guy all through High School with a 50mm lens for a face and the title of Photographer. Though I don't have a list of big name clients under my belt, I do have an extensive one, that stems from Atlantic Canada and reaches as far as Japan. Throughout my life I’ve moved an average of once per year but these days you will find me firmly rooted in New York City, shooting whatever holds my attention. I currently producing "FS News" for my friends and peers at I've played the roll of Student at UNB and Dalhousie, of a Chef, a Farm Hand, a Painter, a Braille and Tactile Manufacturer, a Quality Control Manager, an ISO Officer, a Safety Inspector, an Efficiency Expert, a Designer, a National Karate Competitor, a Dog Trainer, a Carpenter, a Security Guard, an English Teacher, a Writer and an Editor… but despite all these jobs I've always, always been that guy with a 50mm lens for a face and the title of Photographer. That's all you're going to get from me. If you want to know more feel free to friend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter or clink bottles with me at the next Fstoppers meet up.

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