Meet The Fstoppers Team: Noam Galai

My name is Noam and I am a photographer based in New York City. I was born in Jerusalem, Israel and lived there until I finished my army service as a tank crew member. I always liked documenting family events and trips as a kid, but during my military service i started taking photography more seriously and learned a lot during that time. In 2006 I moved to NYC to work for a big Internet company (which I still work for), and used this move to take my photography to the next level.

You might know me as the guy from "The Stolen Scream" (and if not - go and watch the video NOW! haha), but I do a lot of other things as a photographer: I love shooting concerts and singers and I work as a personal photographer for 2 musicians you probably heard of before. I also shoot sports, mainly basketball, and this is actually how I started my pro career. Last but not least - portraiture. Photographing people is something I always see as the most important thing I can do.

In 2011 LIFE Magazine chose a photo I took of New York on 9/11 for their Pictures Of The Year awards... so now i need to find a way to beat that in 2012 ;)