"Fire Flight" Slow Motion Dancers At 1000fps

Fire Flight is a promotional music video featuring the dancers from The Phoenix Dance Theatre in Leeds, England. The project was shot on the Phantom Flex camera at 1,000 frames per second. Director Greg Clarks' idea was to shoot the dancers at a high frame rate and drop in CGI fire to give them the look of being set alight. The video features the Phoenix dancers, directed by the Uber Agency, produced by Ink Films and VFX & Fire from VTR North.

The project took just over a year to complete with 6 months being dedicated by Ben Daure to create the rendered fire in Maya. Daure had never even opened Maya before and it was Chris Birks of VTR North that showed him how to use the program allowing him to focus on creating the fire post work. The video was edited using Maya, After Effects and Adobe Premiere.

Be sure to watch the video at 1080p if you have the bandwidth.

fireflight2fireflight4 fireflight5

The Phoenix Dance Theater - www.phoenixdancetheatre.co.uk
Director - Greg Clark (Uber Agency) - www.uberagency.com
Producer -- Steve Perry (Ink Films) - www.inkfilms.co.uk
DOP -- Mik Allen
VFX & Fire -- Ben Daure & Chris Birks (VTR North) - www.vtrnorth.co.uk
Editor -- Ben Daure

Music - Klaypex - Gamefire (Feat. Mike Diva) -http://www.klaypex.com/




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I think the music wrecked it for me.
And I listen to dubstep. It just felt out of place.

Wub Wub Wub

Ha, I listen to rock 'n roll predominantly - and I quite liked it!

Cheesy dubstep with cheesy fx makes even more cheese.

Quality of this is fantastic. So cool. The moving camera really added the edge for me.

My god that was awesome. it's like firebending with dancers. So cool! Props to the crew who made this!


Ken Masters do the same...
It really looks like more fake than fire dress in Hunger Games.


The Music is impressive, but found the effects of artificial fire. Congratulations to the dancers!

The CGI certainly adds a lot, but I wonder if the filmmakers would be able to make dance interesting without the bling? The varied frame rates they used certainly demonstrate creativity and I think they should explore that more, rather than rely too much on the technology behind the slow motion and flames.