Lend A Helping Hand To Get A Photographer Back On His Feet

Lend A Helping Hand To Get A Photographer Back On His Feet

Although being a photographer means you are in direct competition with every other photographer out there , I think it is very important to build a strong community and look out for one another. Our jobs as photographers are never secure, most of us live our lives one day to the next with out a guarantee of when our next job will be. I have always been one to help people to the best of my abilities, whether it be sharing knowledge our lending out equipment. Can you imagine what you would do if someone stole every piece of photographic equipment you owned. I for one would be devastated. Everyone deserves a little help sometime. Which brings me to the reason i am writing this, to ask for a little help. A photographer by the name of Ray Duker had all of his photographic equipment stolen,about 3,000 dollars worth.

Ray is a college student and it is that time of the year for tuition dues, leaving him strapped for cash. Instead of just asking for money Ray has started to sell some of his prints. I think it would be a nice gesture for those who have a few extra dollars to purchase some of Rays's prints. I am a huge fan of Ray's work and truly think he has a future in photography( granted he gets a camera again). If you would like to help ray out click HERE and purchase some epic prints.












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Justin Bettman's picture

awesome work. 

Brian Hargreaves's picture

After having all of my gear stolen last year ($28 000), I know where he's coming from. His work is awesome, and I like his strategy!

Rodrigo Villicaña's picture

Damn! What did you do?

Brian Hargreaves's picture

After having all of my gear stolen last year ($28 000), I know where he's coming from. His work is awesome, and I like his strategy!

Adam Correia's picture

Just 3 weeks ago, I had all of my gear stolen. $7,000 worth. 5D Mark 2, L series lenses, flashes, tripod, remotes, triggers, etc... I have no one helping me get my gear back or purchasing new gear, I work in a camera a shop for minimum wage. Anyone want to donate my way? *nervous laugh* Seriously though...

Noam Galai's picture

Awesome work, great idea. Just gave $25 and will share this story with my friends... hope he gets back his equipment as soon as possible. 

Keith Hammond's picture

I sympathise with Ray, having your gear or any personal possession stolen really sucks but I have one word........insurance.......you should always have your gear covered, I'm also wondering if Ray has PL cover which you should have if you are shooting gigs and in places where there are members of the public.

Jon Dize's picture

Some venues here in Vegas are demanding photographers have $1 million and in some cases $2 million in liability coverage before they allow commercial shoots on their property. It's just smart business.

Lee Christiansen's picture

Insurance would be the key word here... 

I remember when I was starting out I thought I couldn't afford insurance - until my car was towed and I mistakenly thought everything was stolen...

I was insured the very next day and felt better for it - including public liability.

Last year I had £10,000 of kit stolen in Kenya on a job.  I was buying newer and better toys 3 days later with an almost instant payout from my insurers, and the next year's premium remained the same.

Insure, insure, insure...

JP Zajackowski's picture

I am always afraid of walking to and from concert gigs in sometimes no-so-great areas of DC with several thousands around my waist. This has really opened my eyes! What are some good insurance options for photographers?

Keith Hammond's picture

you need to get adequate cover for your gear (replacement) and adequate cover for the type of work you do, where you shoot, where your gear is kept when working and when not working, insurance companies hate paying out so make sure you cover everything and don't for get Public Liability cover, check with your local photographers or forums in your area for good recommends on insurance companies, don't just go for the cheapest, go for the one that will pay out if the worst should happen.

Archie Campbell's picture

Why not mention more about insurance. He wouldn't be in this situation if he had it. 

I myself have got to the stage where I am a university student which more than the average amount of gear and I have just paid for my yearly insurance. It's a small price to pay in comparison to essentially losing your livelihood! 

Hughes Fioretti's picture

Not sure if anyone mentioned this already, but as a PPA member you get 15K worth of free equipment insurance just for being a member. All you have to do is click a little box that says "opt in" and it's done! Doesn't help those who have already been ripped off, but for others in the future it might. 

Just a thought for you.

Rudolph S. Auguste's picture

mine where stolen last week and i dont even have a work where i can get money