"Camera Obscura" Flips The Outside World

"Camera Obscura" Flips The Outside World

Photog Abelardo Morell has an incredible series called "Camera Obscura". In short, he shoots with a pinhole camera in a pitch black room with a tiny aperture and very long exposure. Then, he essentially turns the room into a giant pinhole camera chamber by drilling a small hole in the wall next to the camera. The outside light then projects an upside down image on the wall being photographed. Awesome sauce! Enjoy!

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Anyone who admires his work should check out his movie called shadow of the house. He has to be in my top 5 most influential photographer. Just amazing!!

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thats amazing

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Why are the last images not upside-down ? Is it a different technique ?
In addition, I assume that he didn't drill holes in the walls but maybe just holes in cardboard covering the windows ?

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I'd guess the images which aren't upside down are photos that he projected through the hole. As you can see in the image with a tree the depth of field is too shallow for a pinhole camera.

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i assume only the first couple are camera obscura photos... the others look like projections 

Ya I think this guys description is way off... Maybe the post doesn't match the pictures like they were supposed to be two different articles? I see no pin holing (lol) just projection, the last image the projection is painting.

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Any camera is essentially a projector, it projects light onto the sensor/film. In this case it is projecting light from outside onto the inside walls. The projection is made by a hole in the wall. Just imagine that the wall is the film/sensor.

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All are camera obscura, though he does indeed cover the window in plastic rather than drilling a hole in the wall.  The reason the bottom photos are right side up is that he uses a prism to right the picture.  He also is known to use a lens to increase brightness and sharpness of the image.  Thought the last image does have a painting in it, you need to separate that from the projection.  The tree is painted in the room, the buildings are from the obscura.
His official websitehttp://www.abelardomorell.net/photography/cameraobsc_01/cameraobsc_01.html

On his site Morrell explains that he uses a prism to correct the orientation of the images when projected. worth looking at his site ;)

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there was an episode of the tv show White Collar that demonstrated this technique recently, one of the coolest ways of shooting a photo I've seen in a while.

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*Just imagine that the inside wall is the film/sensor.