Catherine Nelson Creates Entire Worlds in Photographs

Catherine Nelson Creates Entire Worlds in Photographs

When you think of landscape photography, you may picture some of the most beautiful places on the planet at the perfect moments in time. Catherine Nelson likes to take her landscapes a step further and create entirely new planets. By stitching together hundreds of pictures from one point, she captures an entire scene in one picture. Which mini world would you live on?


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This effect is easy to do in Photoshop and actually takes about 45 photos. You take three photos, top, middle and bottom 180 degrees vertically and then repeat 360 degrees around horizontally, to make a total of about 45 exposures. Then you stitch the each set of three vertical shots together to end up with about 15 or so very vertical panoramics. Then the trickiest part, you have to stitch those vertical panoramics together into one long 360 panoramic. Then, you have to squish it all together into a perfect square. Lastly, go to filter/distort/polar coordinates. Ensure the "rectangular to circular" option is checked. And tada! If you lined everything up just right, you have what you see above. I've done them and they're very cool and fun.
I will say, she did a very lovely job on these and they look amazing!

^ What he said :P

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Or you can just use PTGui.

Tell it where your photos are.
Push stitch.
Push mini planet.

would love to see a video tutorial on how to do one of the look

Read Daivd Crockett's comment. You have the tutorial there. :)

These remind me of "The Little Prince"

If you are serious about this, then you know it's not just the polar coordinates filter in Photoshop.

BTW: I have done this with my mate KiDCoDEa back in 2006 in a PC racing simulator - same technique as you would use with real camera: capture several screenshots in the game and then a lot of stitching / retouching.