Creative Personal Project - "In a New York Minute"

Creative Personal Project - "In a New York Minute"

I believe that if a photographer wants to grow in their craft one of the best exercises they can do is pick a particular subject and focus on all the different ways to shoot it. While out in North Carolina I met Stephen Wilfong, a photographer there that over the course of 7 years pushed his creative boundaries to shoot every clock he could find in New York City.

The project started when Stephen and some friends headed out to visit the Statue of Liberty and in conversation the idea came up to try and photograph as many clocks as possible. From that day, photographing the clocks became a personal project of his which later turned into the design and publication of a book called "In a New York Minute." The book combines visually stimulating images of all the clocks in New York City with quotes that provide timeless wisdom. As I paged through the book while visiting with Stephen I had asked him about getting it published. He mentioned that a couple different publishers were interested but that in short they were taking 90% of the profits from the sale of the book. His hope was that since this was just a personal project of his he could put it out there and help to raise some money for a cause that meant a lot to him, a non-profit cancer camp for kids. So rather than go with the big publishers he has decided to take his project to KickStarter and raise funds that way with a goal to reach $15,000.

While talking with Stephen I was impressed by his heart and passion that he put into the project, especially coming from a quirky guy like he normally is which you'll see in his KickStarter video. Take a couple minutes today to check out "In a New York Minute" book project and help Stephen reach his goal. Here are a few photos from his book.

Be sure to check out In a New York Minute book page on KickStarter and help Stephen spread the word.

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i am working on similar project. i pick a subject and shoot that subject for 2-3 weeks. then pick another subject.


Hey guys, I'm working on a project where I photograph all the bricks in downtown Chicago, who's gonna finance me to print the book????