Elliott Erwitt’s Scottish Highland Fling

Elliott Erwitt’s Scottish Highland Fling

How would you feel if you were given a paid commission to wander around and shoot whatever you fancied for one of the world’s leading whisky companies? Most of us would probably agree that this wouldn't be such a terrible gig. Unfortunately this sort of dream commission will probably remain little more than a dream for most of us. For Elliott Erwitt, on the other hand, this was just another day on the job. Elliott Erwitt is one of my favorite photographers. His ability to capture the idiosyncratic, joie de vivre of everyday life is second to none. He gets bonus points because he also loves dogs, and I love the fact he has dedicated many years to capturing them, and the often strange (and touching) relationship we can have with our little canine friends.

Fstoppers_DavidGeffin_Davegeffin_Elliotterwitt_Scotland5 Elliott Erwitt

Fstoppers_DavidGeffin_Davegeffin_Elliotterwitt_Scotland1 Elliott Erwitt

He was recently given the almost dream job of wandering Scotland to shoot for The Macallan, the single malt whisky manufacturer based in the Scottish Highlands. The Macallan asked Erwitt to spearhead their Masters of Photography campaign, which allowed him free reign to wander around Scotland and take photographs of whatever caught his fancy.

Fstoppers_DavidGeffin_Davegeffin_Elliotterwitt_Scotland7 Elliott Erwitt

The campaign pairs his work with The Macallan’s limited edition craft whiskies. If you have a spare $1500 or so burning a whole in your pocket, you can pick up one of the 58 single cask bottles, with a signed Erwitt print. The prints have been limited to a run of 35 of each, meaning a complete run of only 2030 pairings available.

Fstoppers_DavidGeffin_Davegeffin_Elliotterwitt_Scotland3 Elliott Erwitt

For those of us who don’t have that sort of change kicking about, you still have the option of entering their competition to win a Leica X Vario, worth about $2800. All you have to do is enter a shot of anything that expresses the character of any country in which you live or have visited.

Fstoppers_DavidGeffin_Davegeffin_Elliotterwitt_Scotland5 Elliott Erwitt

Fstoppers_DavidGeffin_Davegeffin_Elliotterwitt_Scotland6 Elliott Erwitt

Fstoppers_DavidGeffin_Davegeffin_Elliotterwitt_Scotland7 Elliott Erwitt

Via [Vanity Fair] Image Credits [Elliott Erwitt]

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Love his work as well! Who wouldn't want to get paid to do that? On a side note, I think you wrote "feline" instead of "canine"

One point to make, Scottish Whisky isn't spelt with an 'E' in it.

Shame he didnt photograph the "real" scotland and the issues alcohol has in our country! So much more opportunities here than what he has shown.

Um, don't you mean "canine" friends? I know a lot of dogs who would be offended to be referred to as "felines." :-)

David Geffin's picture

Thanks Martin and apologies to any dogs i unintentionally may have offended in the making of this article :)