Gorgeous Natural Light Portraits by Italian Photographer Alessio Albi

Gorgeous Natural Light Portraits by Italian Photographer Alessio Albi

Twenty-seven year old nutritionist-turned-photographer Alessio Albi creates colorful, expressive portraits using natural light sources and outdoor settings around his home in Perugia, Italy. Incorporating aspects of conceptual and lifestyle photography, Albi’s portraits feature contemplative young women, emerging from within their natural surroundings.

Albi’s use of color is particularly striking, as the tone of their surroundings play off subjects' natural features. A favorite example showcases a model's grey-blue eyes and pale skin against a backdrop of evergreen needles. Much of Albi’s work is deeply tied to the natural geography of Umbria, the region of Italy where he is based. Preferring to work with natural light, Albi enjoys shooting outside, especially in overcast weather as it acts as a natural light diffuser. In an interview with Andrew S. Gibson, Albi describes the variety of light around his home; "During winter we can have a bright sunny day, and the day after a wonderful fog. Summer light is a bit more difficult due to hard shadows, but I love it because I can shoot in water…”

Encouraged by his first photography teacher to find a camera of his own, Albi has been shooting for four years. Although he is not a photographer by profession, he considers photography a “big part” of his life. You can find more of Alessio Albi’s work on Flickr, Facebook, and 500px

Via [My Modern Met, Andrew S Gibson]

Images used with permission, courtesy of Alessio Albi.

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Peter House's picture

Very strong use of patterns and texture. Love the work!

Brandon Adam's picture

The one walking out the tree lines...Perfection.

Tobias van Schalkwyk's picture

This is what I love about photography, capturing that moment when textures and light comes together perfeclty... Great eye! Thnx for sharing this... very inspirational

Tony Blake's picture

Natural light is my friend for sure...

Pierre Vauvillier's picture

Gorgeous textures..and incredible richness of color tones!!

Thaddeous Jordan's picture

Wonderful - thanks for the story, very cool to see good work get some notice, regardless of 'tenure".. good work is good work.

Mike Mgee's picture

Some of this guys work is a blatant rip of Jaime Ibarra.

Christian Berens's picture

love these!!

Gabe Hernandez's picture

The mood is perfectly threaded through each image. Great set.