Outstanding Macro Photos of Insects and Snails

Outstanding Macro Photos of Insects and Snails

Macro insect photographer Vadim Trunov has a great portfolio of some really outstanding insect photos. Now we have featured insect photos before, like these glamour style shots, or these unusual images of a dead fly, but Trunov's images are different. They seem to capture life as it is happening, freezing moments in time with these little creatures.

[Via 500px and The Telegraph]

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Pretty awesome, these never get old. The grasshopper and snail looking straight up are my favorites. 

Wow! amazing stuff!

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I just typed out a post stating that some of these seemed 'posed'/staged and not 'candids'... and then I remembered... they're insects. 

I guess that's what sets these macros apart from others.

awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awesome ................


Absolutely stunning. The snail on bottom / grasshopper on top is my favorite. When I look at well-shot macro stuff, I always feel like an inferior photographer! Anyone else?