[Photos] Lauren Marsolier's Recomposed Landscapes

[Photos] Lauren Marsolier's Recomposed Landscapes

Lauren Marsolier uses all kinds of elements in pictures to assemble and reconstruct non-existent but yet familiar landscapes. There is much to be said and to be appreciated of pure composition. Lauren's photographs leave me with such a feeling of peace and calm through her balance of color, leading lines, geometry, texture and light. Simply put, these photos are truly art. Enjoy!

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John Graham's picture

Very nice.

★✰★sin(theta) = a★✰★'s picture


I dont understand "fine art" photography. A lot of it is flat and dull with no real sense of purpose. I dont get these at all! 

Corey Melton's picture

no, i suppose you dont

Piotr's picture

 neither do I. But would be great if somebody with passion to this kind of photography would explain what's going on here. For me it looks overintellectual.

Its like trying to explain a joke, if you don't get the punchline then explaining it kinda takes the zest out of the joke. Somethings you just either get or you don't.

Sucks that you don't...but fine art isn't for everybody

Mike Kelley's picture

holy crap these are cool

Jens Marklund's picture

Sick! Love them.

they're pretty but they're also a bit meh.. each to his own

Really fantastic and unique. Love the simplicity and the lines of the compositions. 


Kinda ok I guess, bit like the kings pyjama's if you ask me

Such a solid series!

J Dreier's picture

Awesome work! 

slightly haunting, yet incredibly familiar. these are some of the most intriguing images i've seen in a while. thanks for sharing.

Nicholas's picture

What makes these images so inspiring, whether we appreciate the abstract quality of these landscapes, or not, is that they remind us the freedom of creating our own landscapes in our work if we want to. If we are willing to remove a distracting element in the background of a portrait, who says we can't move something in or out of frame altogether? These images are cool.

David Noels's picture

it's an almost "visual mathematical" experience. You love it or hate it. I like it.

These are great, I want them in my house!