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An estimated 370,000 babies are born per day throughout the world. Knowing this staggering statistic will only grow each year, I'm left wondering if newborn photography is the most promising line of portrait work to be in. This is exactly what Stephanie Cotta was thinking back in 2010 when she began creating timeless images of newborns for her clients . Today, Stephanie is one of the busiest newborn photographers in the country. Her new tutorial is the culmination of her entire business including booking, pricing, marketing, posing, and post-production.


PRO EDU Launches With Newborn Photography

PRO EDU has just launched a new photography tutorial business named PRO EDU with the release of the much anticipated natural light "Ultimate Newborn Photography Tutorial" from Stephanie Cotta. They've broken down the content of this tutorial into easy to reference video chapters, or learning modules based off of topics. In doing so, it's easy to quickly reference specific poses, teaching moments, and quickly re-watch parts that you would like to reference at a later date. In total, they followed Stephanie Cotta around for 2 weeks, filmed 6 real life photo shoots, attended a 2-day workshop with aspiring newborn photographers, conducted an interview with Rob Grimm and Stephanie Cotta on getting started in the industry, created over 75 minutes of post production processing in Photoshop, recorded and audio podcast focused around business and pricing, and then created an ultimate posing guide for iBooks and another PDF copy for all PDF readers. The posing guide is the perfect tool to use on set as a reference for perfecting your posing, the order, the angles, and every little detail. The download itself is broken into 4 separate digital downloads each less than 2 GB each. This is now on sale in the Fstoppers Store and on sale till June 5th, only. Save $100 at checkout.

About Stephanie Cotta

Stephanie Cotta is an award winning newborn and family photographer based out of the mid-west. Stephanie has proven to be one of the most successful and sought after photographers, innovators, and educators in the industry. She's constantly teaching workshops nation-wide and runs a busy newborn photography studio in her home town of St. Louis.

What's Included In The Ultimate Newborn Photography Tutorial?

4.5 Hours of Video Content

Photo Shoot Video Chapters - 110 Minutes

Part 0- Welcome To The Tutorial
Part 1 - The Studio Setup
Part 2 - The Hands Together Pose
Part 3 - The Side Stretch Pose
Part 4 - Transitioning to Prop Shot pt I
Part 5 - The Side Folded Arms Pose
Part 6 - The Prop Shot pt. II
Part 7 - The Chin Up Pose
Part 8 - The Side Chin Up and Line Em Up Pose
Part 9 - The Bottoms Up Pose
Part 10 - Side Stretch Pose Baby II
Part 11 - The Prop Shot Pose pt. III
Part 12 - The Chin Up Pose
Part 13- The Prop Shot Pose IV
Part 14 - The Wrap Shot
Part 15 - Shoot Macro

The Tutorial Platform

Interview With Stephanie Cotta - 40 Minutes

Rob Grimm sits down with Stephanie Cotta to discuss influences, motivation, inspiration, portfolios, and the business of newborn photography. In this 45 minute interview Stephanie talks about getting started, her work, and maintaining a the newborn brand she has carefully crafted over the past 4 years.

2-Day Workshop - 45 Minutes

Come on location to one of Stephanie Cotta's live workshops as she photographs 5 day old babies. The workshop footage is taken over the course of 2 days and gives you the best in her advice, questions from participants, lighting guides, camera settings, composition tips, and the secrets behind posing a newborn and completing an entire session in 45 minutes or less. Stephanie's 2-day workshop alone retails for over $1,200 if you were to attend. Stephanie's 2-day workshop retails for over $1,200 and we've included some of our favorite parts from the video.

Culling, Selection, & Retouching - 75 Minutes

Watch Stephanie divulge her entire workflow in Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop with her traditional selection process, culling, actions used, and photoshop retouching that allow her to build such stunning galleries. This section will allow you to cut down your time in post processing while drastically increasing the quality of your work. In this screen capture, watch Stephanie make every brush stroke for cleaning babies skin, sharpening, color correction, and everything needed to make your newborn images perfect.


Business Audio Podcast -  55 Minutes

In this audio podcast centered around the business of establishing your pricing, booking clients, and building a clientele. In this audio only podcast, Stephanie Cotta, Rob Grimm, and Gary Martin sit down to discuss Stephanie's strategy for growth into the market, establishing pricing, knowing when to raise prices, building your products, business planning, SEO, her recommendations on starting out today, and utilizing free advertising on Facebook to build and propel your brand.


Interactive Posing Guide For iBooks and PDF version for Tablets- 85 Pages

We took all of the information we learned from Stephanie's posing and lighting and created the most in-depth and visually interactive posing guide for use in iBooks. With our step-by-step methodology on posing the newborn in a strategic way, you will be able to complete at least 14 different poses for baby within a 45 minute period. Stephanie has spent years hand crafting her technique and posing order and has her photo shoots down to a science that you can learn.


The interactive guide is formatted for iBooks, which can be viewed on a compatible ibooks device or Mac computer that meets the iBook system requirements. This guide can also be viewed on various third party PDF and e-book readers. If you do not have a compatible tablet, we've created a PDF version that is also included in the tutorial folder for your desktop, laptop, or Android device.


Please take note that in order to utilize the interactive version of this guide, you must have an iPad or Mac computer with a copy of iBooks. We've included a second copy, PDF only, for those that wish to utilize this knowledge on an Android based tablet or other PDF reader.

Recommended Gear and Props Section -

We've gathered your ideal startup kit and have put together a group of 10-25% off coupons that will save you hundreds of dollars on adorable props, hats, blankets, baskets, and other adorable props. These discounts are unique to your tutorial and will give you direct access to the best gear and props in the industry carefully handpicked from Stephanie Cotta over the last 4 years. In addition you will get a look at the gear that Stephanie Cotta uses to capture her newborns.

What People Are Saying About This Tutorial

"What I liked most about the tutorial was the all the details! Everything from her set up, manipulating each pose, interviewing her on how she got to where she is, etc. The depth of the information you receive with this is beyond anything I was hoping for."

" I can’t think of anything that was not included that I was hoping to see."

"What a wonderful guide! A newborn photographer looking to learn, enhance or grow their newborn photography business could not ask for a better, thorough guide than what you guys have created! Well done!"

"The digital posing guide is very helpful.  It was a great addition to the tutorial. I think this is an amazing guide and has some fantastic tips.  It will be something that can be taken along to a photo session and can be easily accessible.  This will be a great reference to use in the future."

"This guide is filled with SO much.  To me it is just like one of her workshop in digital form.  I love that as she snapped, you were posting her images on the screen.  It gives a good sense of where she is photographing from and the resulting images.  I also really liked that you have her processing included."

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Wow $300???
I just bought the newborn workshop from It is only $99 and it has 8 hours of content.
I'd be interested in seeing a comparison, but I doubt it's 3x's better

I've seen both. The SLR Lounge Newborn Photography tutorial was made by a wedding photographer that had a baby and decided to film how he shot it. This tutorial with Stephanie Cotta is made by one of the most sought after Newborn Photographers in the world. The content of this tutorial is broken up into more than 8 hours of content from photo shoots, workshops, interactive guides, audio podcasts, and post production. The post production of this tutorial dives into Photoshop and ACR workflow. It isn't relying on Lightroom presets to batch process your work. There is a clear difference between the quality of work generated by Stephanie Cotta.

Hilarious, it’s amazing those babies can sleep through all
that, you’re like a baby whisperer.