Visceral Images Of The Aftermath In Iraq

Visceral Images Of The Aftermath In Iraq

Photographer, Richard Mosse captured some amazing images while he was spending time with American troops in Iraq. The images in his series titled Nomads, juxtapose a smooth, fluid background with jagged, rough, sharp subject matter. The composition forces you to look at the holes and the ripped metal and it's made even more powerful because of the lifeless, smooth, gorgeously lit backgrounds.

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Beautiful shots, even if that sounds as bad as it is good.

These are incredible in so many ways.

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The destruction was rained down on these vehicles from the sky in a shower of explosive bullets, use of the 6000 round per minute, GE Developed, M134 Mini gun is probable.

Not all of them. Look at the entry points on some. I agree these are firing range targets.

I just couldn't resist...

i think you forgot Israel in 1948 and every day since then.. nor the terror funded by Iran around the world such as the attack in Argentina 20 years ago and the recent attack in Bulgaria and the constant funding of Hamas and Hezbola but hey this is a Photog site not a political rant so watch your fstop!

Chile 6000 dead or disappeared... thanks USA.

Greece... realy?

The military uses vehicles for firing range training often. These images are stark and compelling, but I'm afraid that we're being led to believe that they are the product of combat, which is obviously not the case. I've seen (and shot) many vehicles on ranges and this is what they look like. If it takes that much firepower to stop a vehicle that poses a threat, you're doing it wrong.

vignetting and like someone say
firing range training vehicles.

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simply amazing! very impressive work!