Winter in Vancouver: Photographs by Scott Rankin

Winter in Vancouver: Photographs by Scott Rankin

Scott Rankin’s calmly stunning photographs initially caught my eye on Instagram, and I reached out to him to talk a little about his process. Like so many others in the digital age, Rankin’s interest in photography was sparked after joining Instagram, where the ease of shooting prompted the couple to start spending weekends going on photo walks. Drawn to landscapes involving human elements like silhouettes or a lone figure, Rankin says, “I love the idea of small people surrounded by big nature.”

His latest work features the saturated forests and ethereal, foggy shores of Vancouver, BC where he lives with his girlfriend Tina. Just a note: her profile is also well worth checking out. He says he feels “lucky to live so close to many different natural elements, mountains, lakes, ocean, forests…” and enjoys “exploring and photographing the adventure."

Forest-Instagram Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset Fallen-Tree-Lookout Symmetry-Portrait Ice-Skate-Victoria-Rankin Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

The photographs featured were all shot with an iPhone 5, but Rankin’s interest has escalated with the purchase of his first “’fancy’ camera:” a Canon 60D.

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Ruby Love is a photographer and writer based in Olympia, WA. Love's work focuses on the link between photography and storytelling, and the potential of images to be tools for activism.

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Iphone photgraphy For lyfe

First photo is alright.
Rest are MEH.

are you kidding?

lol, no i'm not.
What makes these special?
VSCO crushed blacks FTW?

I'm sick of these types of comments.
What makes these special is the feeling you get out of them as a viewer and/or as a connection to the creator's vision and personal taste, like every fucking thing on earth. If you personally don't connect to these images you need to understand some other people might. And what about "crushed blacks"? They aren't a VSCO exclusivity or invention.Today they're a stylistic choice and an editing technique, and before they were just a property of photography under certain conditions and types of film and revelation. Are you pointing that out to make yourself feel important? Do you need detail in every single portion of the image to consider it "special"? Don't like it, move away and find something that you like to look at it or go create your own images just the way you like them.

Took that a little too personally, eh pharm?
Have you been dipping into the crushed blacks a little too much yourself?
I thought so.
Calm down though, everything will be ok.

I have yet see story like this but instead of a iPhone they used galaxy or nokia phone.

A moody mix of warm and cool tones. Thank you for posting, Ruby.

The locations are so nice... i like the car park photo personally. The editing seems quite VSCO-ish?

Love these. So great that our phones can make such beautiful images.

For a wonderful few minutes you took me to the Vancouver woods. Thank you so much!

pics are pics. i like good ones. here we have a few.

VSCO for days

This is more proof that it's mostly about composition and personal styling and not about the gear used....Well played Scott! And you've done a remarkable job of communicating how beautiful our fair city is.

Nice images!

Yay Vancouver! You beautifully portray our city! :)