15 Adventurous Rock Climbing Photos

15 Adventurous Rock Climbing Photos

Heights are my biggest fear. There is no way I could possibly do this and I applaud anyone who can. These guys are insane. Take a look at the awesome shots of these crazy climbers.

Photo Credits - Zach Dischner, Maria Ly, Lara Danielle, Alex Indigo, Ricardo Samaniego, Hagbard, ground.zero, Tony Puyol.

via - photographyblogger.com

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Awesome, rock climbing! Unfortunately, I think not all of these shots are that awesome. There's a truckload of great and inspiring climbing pictures to be found. I took some myself during bouldering that are arguably better than some of these (quite surprisingly, I will not gloat with my own work here at this point :) )

Some ok photos, some really bad photos. In at least 3 photos there are people hanging on the rope, and one is just a weird posed photo on a rock ledge? Butt shots are not good climbing photos. 

Check out Tim Kemple, Jimmy Chin, Aaron Huey, Andy Mann, Keith Ladzinski. Those are some of the best photographers in the industry right now. Get back to me when you see what makes truly great climbing photos.

 in my earlier life, i used to climb quite a lot of rocks - of course, nowhere near professional level. These are quite nice pictures, but i've seen a lot better -
just google for fun "Huber Buam" (bros. Thomas and Alexander Huber), "Lynn Hill", "Wolfgang Güllich", "Ron Kauk", "Ben Moon", "Jerry Moffat"....
The list might go on endlessly, there's a lot of really breathtaking pictures out there....

Some familiar places. Ton Sai, Thailand for example. It's an awesome place to climb and a natural beauty.... Got some shots from there as well... :)
BUT I've seen way better climbing photos.

I also used to do rock climbing and I agree with all the people - half of these images could be part of a meme video called "Stuff lame rock climbers do". Anyway, fstoppers, you're doing great job of bringing us content, so I wish you all the best to keep up with the highest standard you set out :-)

Lazy mixed quality selection of photos here Fstoppers. You guys are better than this.

Climbing and the photography that goes along with it used to be my passion... so i am in full agreeance with Isis and the rest. There are so many bad ass climbing photographers and photos out there... I expect way higher quality.  These are horrible except perhaps the crack shot.  Just check out Deadpointmag.com or any of the guys mentioned above.  

Ive posted a few on flickr but have had to hold some of my favorites back as the athlete STOLE them and used them in magazines without telling me!  It wasnt just a breach of a contract... he breached my heart :(  : 
http://www.flickr.com/photos/35864279@N02/4937936722/in/set-72157625405392933http://www.flickr.com/photos/35864279@N02/5531543513/in/set-72157625405392933http://www.flickr.com/photos/35864279@N02/5543438168/in/photostreamat one point when i first got a camera i learned about HDR and thought i would be the first person doing climbing HDRs... i had a lot out there before it seemed like people got into it but that died fast and i realized pocketwizards and strobes were the way to be and didnt look like rubbish:P  

"Crazy" ???  "Insane" ???  c'mon really....???