Astrophotography Can Show You Places You Can Only Dream Of

Astrophotography Can Show You Places You Can Only Dream Of

Astrophotography is one of the most interesting types of photography, but it is also one of the rarest ones. Shooting galaxies, stars and planets is among the the hardest forms of photography, and in order to do it you need to get the right equipment, and also the knowledge and techniques. Few of the problems photographers have to face with when shooting stars are the movement of earth, the low amount of light coming from the objects, and of course - being able to zoom in to see those very-far-away objects. Check out this amazing set of images of galaxies, space dust, Nebula, stars and planets found on Flickr - some taken from earth, some taken from space. Makes you think of how tiny we are compared to what's out there.

If you ever attempted to shoot space, share your results in the comments or on our Facebook Group!

M31 The andromeda Galaxy - B Kingsley
Photo: Bruce Kingsley.

Cosmic Drama
Editing: Luigi Masella.

Rosette Nebula, HaRGB
Photo: Adam Evans.

Elephant's Trunk Nebula IC 1396 Hubble Palette
Photo: Terry Hancock.

Horsehead and Flame Nebulae
Photo: Terry Hancock.

M8 and M20, the Triffid and Lagoon nebulae
Photo: Adam Evans.

Eta Carinae Nebula (NGC 3372)
Photo: marc4darkskies.

La Tête de Singe
Photo: Serge .

The Dumbbell Nebula (M27)
Photo: marc4darkskies.

Photo: David Klooz.

Barnard 33 the Horsehead nebula
Photo: Steve Coates.

NGC 2237 Rosette Nebula narrowband
Photo: Remidone.

NGC 3372, The Eta Carinae Nebula
Photo: rgendler2012.

M51_The Whirlpool Galaxy
Photo: mpastro2001.

Simeis 147 Supernova Remnant
Photo: DeepSkyColors.

Photo: Erik N Larsen.

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