Breathtaking Landscape Photography By Fakrul Jamil

Breathtaking Landscape Photography By Fakrul Jamil

I've never been one to take landscape pictures. I just don't like any that I take. I can't seem to get the composition right or lighting. I am a portrait photographer. It's what I do. However, I greatly appreciate photographers who are able to capture the true beauty of a certain location. Photographers, like Fakrul, are able to do just that. The perfect exposure, bringing out details I would never have noticed had I been the one to take the shot.

Here are a few words from the man himself.
"My name is Fakrul and I’m from Malaysia. I started photography back in 2010, I’m a self-taught photographer and since the beginning I have always been attracted to landscape, seascape and nature photography.
Most of my images are the result of a single RAW shot. I use Lee Filters for my landscape and seascape photography, such as Graduated Neutral Density filters, Neutral Density filters, Big Stoppers and Circular Polarizer filters." - Fakrul Jamil

What are your thoughts on these? What could he have changed or done differently? I personally think they are perfect!

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great pics. You should learn new adjectives though.

Make a selection. There are too many pictures too look at and the "wow" effect gets diluted.

Amazing work though!

Thats exactly what I thought. Most of these images are really great but since so much of landscape photography often is about long exposure, low point of view and super wide-angle you really get bored looking at them if there are to many at once. Wow, that was a long sentence. :-)

I love the black and whites. 

The BW ones are decent. The rest are kinda ruined by compression, watermarks or hdr.

Just decent???  Holy crap the comments on this site are getting more and more troll-like.

You may have a point but at the same time we're seeing more and more of the same thing. Long exposure landscapes, cross-processed Instagram-ish pics of girls in us something new!

 Disagreement = trolling. 


Are you new to the internet Bryan? Or just being nice enough to *allow* other people to have different opinions than you do?

True dat.  The long exposures are cool but it is a bit played out as well as the HDR... although the oversaturated shot with the blown out highlights calls to me.  Maybe its the foreground?  ditto on adjectives...

These are beautiful compared to most of the other.... stuff... you guys have been posting recently. Bravo  Fakrul.

Thank you Chris for your appreciation on my work. It's an honor to me!