Cassini Gives Us Gorgeous Images of Saturn

Cassini Gives Us Gorgeous Images of Saturn

Cassini has been around Saturn for eight years now, and the giant ringed planet's seasons are changing for the first time since our arrival. Many know that a ton (if not most) of those photos of the stars have added/altered colors. But now, we have just-released images of Saturn in true color as the southern hemisphere takes on a bluish hue for winter...


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Looking at these images, I can hear the creepy vocal sounds in 2001 A Space Odyssey. Wow.

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Titan looks stunning. You can really grasp its thick atmosphere here.

Naked Eye Astronomy (Northern Hemisphere):
Jupiter is still visible in the eastern sky in the pre-dawn hours; Jupiter is high in the sky at about 5 AM EDT and increasing the distance from Venus on each day. In July, Venus and Jupiter were able to be captured with a 50mm lens. Now, it's not possible; I don't think my 28mm would be able to get the two planets in the same photo.

Mars and Saturn were visible in the western sky last month, low above the horizon.

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awesome collections