Chris McVeigh: Darth Vader Rides Chimpmunk BTS

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Lies! His light saber was glowing in the video!


Excellent inspiration for my next fashion shoot :D

Great!! XD

so why is the light saber glowing in the picture and not in the video if it is not photoshopped.

Patrick Hall's picture

The light saber and fishing lines were photoshopped out but the majority of this image is real (as in the hard part of getting an action figure to sit on a squirrel).

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Not true Patrick... I heard that the video was created days after the actual image was created. In the video he used a toy Darth Vader and a fake light saber.

In the picture it is the real Darth Vader and a true working light saber.

haha, so good!

This guy has so many good ones.

recomend his Flickr pages

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Yes this picture is photoshop, im a wedding photographer an i know what is photoshop an not. Look at the video an the almonds are always close to the squirrel. But is till a very good jo, very funny....

Ehrm... Almonds are poisonous to chipmonks...