Deb Morris Captures Beautiful Shots Of Micro Waves

Australian photographer, Deb Morris, has created a really interesting niche for herself. She captures the beauty of micro-waves. Initially without description some of these images look just like regular sized waves. While most photographers focus on the huge waves, she focuses on waves that are no larger than 30 cm high! She focuses on the smallest ones that come to shore and captures them just when they break. The results are quite tranquil.

However, Deb explains how the technique is actually much harder than it looks. She took six months to perfect this niche.

She goes just a meter out to catch the exact micro-waves she wants. She doesn't use a water housing so she's always on the edge and relies heavily on just her reflexes. Although not that far out, with the unpredictable water and delicate equipment, one wrong move and it will ruin her camera.

Deb explains,

 “I live dangerously with unprotected gear because I deliberately don’t use water housing.”

 “This has forced me to get different angles, because I have to remain outside the wave.”

Her recent endeavor has clinched her as a runner up in the Shutterbug Awards.










You can check out more of her work on her website:!home/mainPage

 [Via Australian News via Deb Morris]

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Tim Krueger's picture

the anthesis of Clark Little! 

Justin Case's picture

Let me get my shrink-machine and surfboard!

tyrohne's picture

'She surfs a meter out into the surf'

this sentence confuses me... a long stride for me is about a meter...

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Pratik Naik's picture

Whoops! I went ahead and changed that, thank you! And you're right, she just goes a stride out.

David Crockett's picture

These are beautiful!

Raffaella de Amicis's picture

Stunning! Curious as to precisely why she chooses to eschew a housing though.

Nic Brindell's picture

Ive seen better MicroWaves in my kitchen! no but they are amazing, i was just trying to be funny =P