The Dying Breath of a Snowflake

Macro photography is already difficult enough to master in my opinion. You have very small subjects that are usually moving around and capturing them at the closest possible distance takes loads of practice, and patience. Russian photographer Andrew Osokin has obviously put it some serious time honing his craft. He shoots wonderful images of your standard flowers and insects, but in my opinion his winter work is where he truly stands out.

Andrew's images of snowflakes are so incredible you would almost swear they couldn't be real. After all, how does one capture a single perfect snowflake with composition like his with so little time?


I have no idea how Andrew does it, but I highly recommend checking out the rest of his work. He makes me want to try this out, and I seriously hate cold weather.

All images used with permission.

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These pics are incredible! What a horrendous website. The 1990's called...