Foggy Photographs Show The Beauty Of Russia

Foggy Photographs Show The Beauty Of Russia

So many times I have traveled abroad to find a fantastic location for a landscape photo, but the light is terrible or haze isn't allowing for a beautiful view. Rushed schedules don't typically lend much help for me to scout when I am in a new land, but no bother for Russian photographer, Boguslaw Strempel. This guy must be a master location scout, because he seems to know where all the gorgeous fog is and the light is brilliant in his Russian landscape shots. Enjoy!

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Really beautiful

THIS is fantastic photography that all of us are begging for when we see the coffee shop photographers! 

This isn't Russia. The photographer is a Pole, the photos - from Poland and the Czech Republic.

Nice work.

Wow we got ourselves a master fog photographer, talk about a niche if I've ever heard one :) Awesome pictures! My guess to obtaining these scenes is: get up early on cold mornings...

Beautiful work and scenery. The black and white forest shot is my favourite.

beautiful work 

really lovely... wish to see some more diverse work though