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Food Looks Rad Under An Electron Microscope

Artist Caren Alpert, science lover and foody, has created an incredible series of photographs of food magnified at high powers. Her series entitled "terra cibus", Latin for land of food, shows a quite remarkable view of our bodies' fuel sources like we have never seen them before. Try guessing what each of these images are of, and then head to her site for the full description of each image in her gallery. Enjoy!

via wtw

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Would be nice to know which is which?

Corey Melton's picture

per the post "head to her site for the full description of each image in her gallery"

Ah right, I'm a visual guy, usually I skip right to the images and try to deduce what I'm looking at by myself :)

Corey Melton's picture

i would have skipped by too probably, but I try to get traffic to the artist's site, and thats a good way to do it most of the time :) 

Bnb Fotó's picture

It was a BigMac! ;)