Justin Carrasquillo's Breathtaking African Landscapes

Justin Carrasquillo's Breathtaking African Landscapes

Take a look at this incredible series of images from LA photographer Justin Carrasquillo. These landscapes were captured in Tanzania and Botswana. He was there on assignment to photograph a 30-day safari adventure. Carrasquillo took all of these photographs in his spare time. I'd say it was time well spent! It's a stunning set of images that fits well into his already solid portfolio.

 Via: Feature Shoot

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Ok, thats it. I'm going to africa! ;) Very inspiring! 

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I don't know about everyone else but I enjoy these pcitures. 

Sure, they all have a vignette and a subtle vintage look to them (call them Instagram if you please) but at least they're consistent. These images make me want to go to these places. 

I, for one, like the wide angle look. They put the viewer in the environment and give the sense of actual involvment. If you go to Africa, you DON'T want to be close to a Lion (well, maybe you do) and these images convey such an approach...

Oh! vignetted and breathtaking are the same... sorry for my english

I go to the Mara once a year, and visit Chobe in Botswana now and then, and honestly, this is just the Emperor's new clothe. The only new about it is the wide angle where most people go for close-ups, and the only breathtaking thins is that the photographer captures what he sees, not what he wishes to see, and that is a good rule for any photographer. But otherwise, these are the images my students delete after their trips.