Justin Carrasquillo's Breathtaking African Landscapes

Justin Carrasquillo's Breathtaking African Landscapes

Take a look at this incredible series of images from LA photographer Justin Carrasquillo. These landscapes were captured in Tanzania and Botswana. He was there on assignment to photograph a 30-day safari adventure. Carrasquillo took all of these photographs in his spare time. I'd say it was time well spent! It's a stunning set of images that fits well into his already solid portfolio.

 Via: Feature Shoot

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who doesn't love a good Zebra picture... stunning!

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breathtaking -  not so much...

Haters gonna hate

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 agree- 'breathtaking' might be a poor word choice.   Unless breathtaking means vignetted.


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Honestly, it's not bad, not at all.. But I think it's nothing spectacular either.. And it all has an Instagram feel to it..

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Nice, but these have nothing on Nick Brandt

Nick Brandt: B&W Everything   ...   kidding

Decent but not remarkable nor "incredible" or "stunning". I think the blog authors should tone down the enthusiasm that I suppose is used to drum up page views, I remember when fstoppers used to have only high quality material. Sadly, it's gone on the path of many other blogs, with quantity prevailing over quality.

Agreed Kater, but if you disagree with Patrick over the direction of Fstoppers and few quality posts, he will argue with you till he's blue in the face.

There's no hope for reason with them, unfortunately. 

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Instagram does Africa. I'm really sorry, I couldn't resist :-)

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Beat me to it.

I think this is amazing. You guys have a point with the Instagram-comments, however I think the look really works well with the natural colors of Africa. Most importantly though, what sets these pictures apart from most wildlife/safari pictures is the perspective. The photographer used a rather short lens and this makes you feel like you're really there, unlike those peeps carrying their rocket launcher-lenses.

Nothing too cool! I dont know why this is even here!


 Dude your website sucks, i rather these than your work!

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(about vivek, not fstoppers) amazing travels. not so amazing shots. Austria rocks. I can say you have a continual feel of all the images. Creating a style, just not my preferred style. Personally, I would rather see higher iso grain and have a focused picture than have motion blur everywhere. Just me personally.


Aha !!!...so you can shoot African wildlife with a  wide(ish) lens; no need for that those drain-pipe sized lenses ( well, except for closeups....and bokeh)

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any tourist returns home with these mediocre photos.
I don't get the enthousiasm from you f-stopper-guys ...

They're in the business of hyping things for more views, not truly interesting posts anymore, unfortunately. 

You can tell they stopped caring, because they removed the rating system a long time ago. We only see how many comments there are now.

We will always have to go through 6 crap posts a week (at least) just to get one good one, Patrick doesn't want to listen, he thinks he's always right on this.

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I'm always up for a good suggestion.  But when I view your previous comments and every single one of them are trolling and negative then I kind of take what you say with a big grain of sea salt :)  I think Lee was the one who wanted to remove the rating system because it slowed the site down and it always seemed like the most interesting posts also had the most comments.  Even though I didn't create this post, I really do like these images a lot.  They are more interesting than my friend's 400mm telephoto images of lions that we've all seen a million times.  You can't please everyone

 You're pretty funny Patrick, I thought you were a nice person IRL, but I guess I was incredibly wrong.

You post nothing but snark towards people who disagree with you, maybe you should stop being so "butt hurt" as internet peoples like to say and accept some constructive criticism for once.

I have no idea how it slowed down your site, because I never had issues loading posts for the entire time you had it. 

"They are more interesting than my friend's 400mm telephoto images of lions that we've all seen a million times"

If that's honestly the standard you have for photography on Fstoppers, then it's no wonder you guys have tanked in quality recently.

You can't honestly compare posts of behind the scenes with photographers like David Bergman, and Peter Hurley; the ridiculously expensive penthouse shoot, and the original Stolen Scream series which helped Noam with his (nearly widespread) recognition that that is *his* image now, and these "snaps", because honestly that's all these are.

Some guy with at least $4,000 in camera gear, spending way too much time in lightroom, and you guys are calling these "breathtaking".  Now that just takes the cake.

That's like GWB finding WMDS in Iraq.

Also, when you have 8 comments of people who don't feel they're "breathtaking" like you guys obviously surmised, and only 5 who actually agree they're good, maybe your whole "we know better than you all" and "some people are just grouchy, burn!" will eventually permeate that rock solid bubble you're surrounding yourself with, or perhaps even Lee will take these three words to heart.

Less is more. 

And thinking you know more than anyone, is not that mature for someone who runs fstoppers dude. 

These are mediocre, at best.  Compared to most of the things you guys used to post, this is just sad.

I want the old Fstoppers back, that isn't filled with gimmicks and pointless posts like this one: http://fstoppers.com/pre-order-the-canon-t4i-and-40mm-pancake-now

If I wanted rumors I'd go to a rumors site.  And we don't need links to things like Instagram Glasses, Those heavily photoshopped silhouette portraits, The Apple Clothing Collection,  Olympus Ad Campaign, just to name a few.

As well as silly/stupid gimmicks such as: "Blow Job", these overly vignetted images, real life barbie crap, half assed star wars parodies, keep all the rumors on your facebook group.

And maybe adding a rejects page, with somewhat interesting ideas, that don't have enough oomph to be "Fstoppers" quality material.  Like this one, for example: http://fstoppers.com/why-did-facebook-buy-instagram-introducing-facebook...
We don't need a full post about the facebook purchase of instagram, you can leave that to a weekly roundup.

And take things that don't have any behind the scenes videos to learn from, like the disney world timelapse, for example- and put that on a second page, one that's not dedicated to getting better at photography but just filled with random links.  It would pretty much be a photography gimmick tumblr (with video, duh).  

Stop being so stagnant and thinking because 8 people our of 20 dislike a post you're doing something right because "you can't please everyone", unless they're all snarky snarks and that's the kind of thing they appreciate, because in that case you're doing a great job.

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Some posts arn't the best and the enthusiasm is a bit yahoo news over the top. Even these are 'instagramish' but everyone has their own view of the world and ways of shooting it. Personally I appreciate you posting, gives different perspective. If I paid for membership to read your articles, might be different, but its a free blog and I love 'fstopping' in to see whats up.

Also, comments are GREAT. I love peoples insight. Some just troll, but the comments are a huge contribution to the articles.

I'd love to see some constructive criticism here rather than pure negativity.

Constructive criticism.  Too much negative space, not used in a complimentary way. 
2 more fake looking contrast/colored/quasi HDR'd images than I'd like.

Same 3 filters for almost every image. 
Stop all that Sh!t and maybe these could be halfway decent, in another lilfetime.

Also, adding that instagram vignette to nearly every image just makes you look like an idiot in this day and age.

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Not bad, but not "breathtaking". There are a few good ones in the set for example the two zebras.

It's fascinating to see how a lot of people don't like these pics. I personally found them extremely refreshing from the things you normally see from these regions. They've got a certain edgy-ness to them and make you feel like you're there, because the photographer did not use  a tele-cannon but instead opted for a wide angle lens. Try to appreciate that :)

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When I was in Kenya, I took a few days off from work to check out the Masai Mara. It was actually very surprising how hard it is to frame anything wide: you're essentially in a big empty space. While I agree that some of his effects are a little heavy handed, I get what he's going for. These are NOT simple tourist photos however.

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I have been in this location during the great migration and it is an amazing place. 

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