Kevin Russ: New Interview Details His Inspiration and Techniques For Traveling And Shooting With Only An iPhone

We recently featured Kevin's work here at Fstoppers, but in this new video Kevin talks about his inspiration, techniques, close encounters with wolves, bison, and moose (those iPhones don't zoom that much, after all), sleeping in his car, his post processing methods, and how you can get started on your own similar journey.

While on one hand my mind is blown, on the other, I'm somehow not surprised to see something like this: I've long been a proponent of the mantra 'the camera doesn't matter' and not only is this living proof (his images blow me away) but seeing this stuff inspires me to get out and perfect my vision rather than longing for the latest piece of gear. Need I remind any of you guys of Lee's iPhone fashion shoot? It's quite incredible what patience, vision, and knowledge of light can get you even with a mediocre camera. I could keep drilling it into your heads (see: David Hobby's adventures in Hong Kong) but I think you get where I'm heading with this. In case you wanted a quick refresher of Kevin's work, check it out below.

Kevin's tumblr (his main website, actually) is also a great source of information for those seeking some more in-depth answers to questions that he frequently receives. I don't have to mention the awesome photography that you'll find there, either!




















What more can I say - his work makes me feel inadequate. Kevin, if you're reading this, fantastic stuff!

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Felix Adler's picture

anyone recognize the app he's using?

Sander van der Veen's picture

Send him a mail, but I think it really doesn't matter which app you use.. 

Mitja Schneehage's picture

the one you see in the video is "vsco cam”

Kyle Sanders's picture

It is a bit humorous that we have accepted smartphones as a "given" in our lives these days. If you think about the cost of an iPhone + two year data plan contract, it is far from a cheap camera. That being said, the iPhone 4/5 pretty much dominates anything under APS-C!

The idea of a mobile-only workspace is a fun one, although I prefer doing it with a small camera (g12, rebel) and an eye-fi card over to Photoshop Touch.

Marco Fiorini's picture

First: amazing work and choice of life..for real..
I have two question:
First: his print are cheap! I wonder how many prints does Kevin sell to make a living out of it?
And...40x28 prints out of an iphone camera, for real? It is possible to print that big?

Kyle Sanders's picture

Any size print is _possible_ but you will not have the resolution (sharpness) up close that say a medium format image would have. Prints as large as 40" would be viewed from across a room, however, so from that distance it would probably look fine.

Tero de la Rosa's picture

This is my favourite post in many years

Jens Marklund's picture

Just bought the running horses as the largest print.