Landscape Photography By Carlos Resende

Landscape Photography By Carlos Resende

"My name is Carlos Resende. I am 41 years old and I live in Lisbon, Portugal. I am an amateur photographer who is very passionate about the art of landscape photography.
Not having inherited any photographic genes in my DNA, I would say that photography came into my life by accident. It resulted from my need to find a replacement for my previous ‘hobby’ which used to be Archery.
I try to enjoy and draw from it all the pleasure there is in capturing what the moment has to offer. That’s probably why I like to capture images of places or times of day that carry us into parallel universes transmitting a sense of calm and tranquility as opposed to our ‘crazy’ everyday life. I’m always on the hunt for these new realities and I look forward to be transformed into those new realities in one way or another.
I draw my inspiration from the work of Michael Levin, Julius Tjintjelaar, Matt Toynbee, Maria Strömvik, Andrew Dolphin , Nana Sousa Dias, António Sá and Paulo Dias." ~ Carlos Resende

What are your thoughts on these?

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Merek Davis's picture

Beautiful work!  The main header image in absolutely fantastic.

Brian McCarthy's picture

Fantastic.  He says he's an amateur but I hope he's at least selling prints of his work. 

Pedro Santos's picture

Grande Carlos :) :) :)

This is awesome work.

Kyle Sanders's picture

No joke! Is that 1st image the new default Chrome OS (Chromebook) background?? I hope they licensed it from you for a good fee!

Carlos Resende's picture

Kyle, I'd love to but unfortunately it is not mine :(

Denis Trudeau's picture

Vraiment incroyable, magnifique.

Marco Fiorini's picture

Awesome work, I would pay to have a print like this on my wall.

luisfaustino's picture

awesome photos

my country is such a scenic place :)

Shannon Wimberly's picture

LOVE IT!!! you know I looked at these and said...."shot with a Canon..... maybe 16x35 lens" ..... i got the camera right, lens was close.....

Carlos Resende's picture

Thank you all!
It was a pleasant surprise to see my work featured here, Thanks Chris ;)

Fernando Vicente's picture

Congrats Carlos, as always excellent work !

wow. phenomenal. I'm surprised that there isn't more warping at such a wide lens

Edin Chavez's picture


Jeff Lowman's picture

Carlos, Way to go man.  Good stuff seen here keep it up!

Jen's picture

seriously gorgeous work. i'm an amateur too and i can only hope to find such talent hidden in me somewhere!

Filipe Lopes's picture

Grande Carlos.

Samadhi7's picture

Just absolutely gorgeous!!! Stunning photos

Samadhi7's picture

Absolutely gorgeous! Stunning photos.

Tonyia Karwanski's picture

Omy, these are absolutely breath taking! The 10th image with the hole in the middle of the that a photoshopped thing or real place?

Carlos Resende's picture

Thanks Tonyia ;)
Regarding the image, it is real ! 
This is the discharge hole of a Portuguese Dam that was at maximum capacity when i made the shot.

Very impressive!!!!

Alistair Nicol's picture

Gorgeous stuff Carlos.  I can't wait to see more. 

Martin Beebee's picture

Stunning shots. Looks like most were shot with really long exposures -- using a variable ND maybe?