[Leak] Could This Be The First Leaked File Off The Nikon D800 DSLR?

The rumor mills are buzzing that Nikon's newest DSLR, the "D800", is going to be announced on the Eve of Feb 7th. There is still speculation about what the final file size will be but according to Nikon Rumors this could be the first leaked image off the camera. Found on Shinji Watanabe's flickr stream, the file has a rather unique file dimension at 7360 x 4912 leading one to believe the yet to be announced Nikon camera might indeed contain a 36 megapixel sensor.

Photographers have wondered when DSLR makers like Nikon and Canon would enter into the Medium Format market. And while any camera with a 35mm sensor wouldn't be considered a true "medium format" camera, files with this much resolution would definitely produce quality images similar to what photographers have been doing with Mamiya and Hasselblad. What do you guys think, is this the real deal? And furthermore, what do you think of the quality of this leaked file?

leaked image from nikon D800 DSLR
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This is truly a great image if indeed the ISO is 6400, like what a few comments on flickr have pointed out.  Congrats to all you Nikon lovers out there, this camera sure seems like a true winner.  I however, am growing extremely anxious for the Canon 5DmkIII, I feel like I'm going to explode!  Hopefully Canon will deliver another beauty.

Thank you sir, for telling what needs to be told.
This sensor, and this camera look amazing !

too bad its a terrible shot, HOWEVER the dimensions are 4912 x 7360!!! incrediblay!

My own personal values on damaging role models for body image prevent me from getting in to this conversation on the D800.

Someone might want to consider buying that poor girl a sandwich...

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You know what's really rude? When people insult and make blind statements about the health of models. Many girls don't "need a sandwich". Just like you wouldn't blatantly insult someone with a bit of a muffin top, don't insult someone who's slightly skinnier than the average.  Also, for an Asian she's actual quite normal.

Someone might want to consider a broader perspective on shit.

Thanks for your input, Kevin. I guess you've never lost anyone to eating disorders then? Let's hope it stays that way.

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yay more people too stupid to understand the difference between an eating disorder and being skinny. Just because someone happens to be at the tail end of the distribution doesn't make them unnatural, even if it means they aren't average. Why this idiotic worship of mediocrity and the conformity to the mean?

 Because ignorance is much more plentiful and on a lower hanging branch than wisdom. 

Sadly, most people can't be bothered to just try a *little* harder.

It is unfortunate that so many have grown used to to the "average" 165 lb SuperSize American woman that they now consider anything less unhealthy.

This D800 picture at 6400 ISO is so very good that it helped my decision to buy the newest Nikon.
I especially liked the hair.

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no she isn't, she is so skinny her ribs poke out and her triceps curve inwards.

the picture looks absolutely horrible!

it is a shame it is not more appealing for me to judge the quality of the camera, which I will very likely buy.

PS: My wife is Japanese.

PPS: This photographer does have some other work which I like alot.

lucky bastard (C) =) i mean japanese wife hehe

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I'm glad my naked photos haven't leaked online....or maybe they should....I  would love people to start sending me hamburgers and sandwiches :)

LOL!! .. Patrick, office fellows all roaring with laughter at this one! Thanks for brightening up my day....

You are crazy.   This is an incredible image.  Just because it isn't all PS'd up for the average viewer, doesn't make it as terrible as you imagine. 

If he spend 10 minutes on it in PS you'd love it. 

Just because he posted a raw, makes it no less awesome. L2 Art.

Finally, someone who speaks with reason on here, instead of chauvinist type hate.  Bravo Kevin. 

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Output from 36 mpx FF sensor won't reach picture quality and sharpness of medium format cameras. I hope that Nikon will never do such a stupid step with rumored 36 mpx sensor in D800.

And in 6 months, you will be like "Damn ! My D800 is amazing, can't live without it".

Same thing every time...

I think that the noise is very controlled for 6400 and 36MP.
This might be a game changer !

"Output from 10 mpx 2.7x sensor won't reach picture quality and sharpness
of 2.0x ILC format cameras. I hope that Nikon will never do such a stupid
step with rumored 10 mpx sensor in V1"

Seriously, just go spend 20k on the only camera that will have the image quality you can use... and your pictures will still be just as wonderful! ;)

If this is really at ISO 6400 I might be selling my D4 before it even arrives. 

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 "files with this much resolution would definitely produce quality images similar to what photographers have been doing with Mamiya and Hasselblad" That is such crap. I would gladly shoot a 22mp medium format over a 36 mp 35mm not to mention. Larger dynamic range, bigger pixels and way more detail among many other benefits... There is a reason some of biggest shooters in the commercial world are still shooting medium format and will continue to...

Kamil Kubalík's picture

I agree, Jason you read my mind.

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Key word is "similar"....of course medium format will blow DSLRs away.  BUT do you think medium format images from 6 years ago will blow away the image quality from say the D800?  I'm not so sure.....I've seen some MF images look like mush after you go past ISO 400 from cameras not all that old.  Of course MF also has a completely different look in general but that's not what I was referring to.

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I'm not saying that there is not a place for DSLR's because that is simply not true, of course there's a place for them. One of those places is high ISO.

I would be interested to see a comparison between a P 20+ and this rumored pixel monster... 

And a price comparison...

And to add on to what Patrick's saying here, if you think the best image quality is a medium format camera, you can have your H4D-60, for about 40k.  I'll spend 3k on the D800 and blow you away.

Yeah, and if you like 1.2 fps, shooting tethered, almost unusable af for anything but studio work or landscapes, and abysmal high iso quality IE 1200+, go right ahead.  I know no professional photographers who shoot DMF.  It's for promotions and high end studio work, nothing more. 

I'd love to see your journalism with one. 

Jeez, it's a good thing no professional photographers existed in the film days with those super slow fps they had back then. Impossible to shoot sports, weddings, or anything other than landscapes or studio work. Seriously shoot less and know when to use the camera. I'm not saying having 10 fps is a bad thing or unwelcome but we have become a little too dependent on the features of the camera rather than the art of taking a picture. 

I don't go so much into "pixel peeping". I'm a DSLR shooter because I neither have the money nor I feel the need of buying a MF. Plus I need the 3fps+ speed at times.

If I'm offered 36MP at a DSLR price range here is how of I think of it:

"Okay, 36MP is nice... Sounds like the resolution of a medium format but I read at fstoppers that the quality won't be the same... What do I need 36MP for? Heck, I'm going to display my pictures in regular print size anyway.
But post-processing will be very detailed... I mean, more control on skin and everything... Nice feature if it sells for 2700$*.
I also miss the "extra reach" of DX format. With 36MP the crops from my 70-200 should look okay.
MF isn't an option anyway so I think I'll wait for reviews to come out... Check if dynamic range is decent and decide later.
I was going to update my camera anyway, I just have to see what they have to offer me. No prejudices, I never thought DSLR sensors would get stuck at 12-24mp."

* http://nikonrumors.com/2012/01/15/a-store-in-houston-is-taking-nikon-d80... 

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Do we need 36MP from a DSLR? What market would Nikon be chasing? Certainly not the majority of portraiture, wedding or photojournalists. Maybe the fashion and architecture industry? I'm (more than) happy with the D4.

Definitely for Landscape and Wildlife!