"From the Lenz" Shoots Neon Waterfalls

"From the Lenz" Shoots Neon Waterfalls

With no short supply of creativity or glow sticks, photographers Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard of multimedia company From The Lenz have created "Neon Luminance" (full set), a series of Northern California waterfalls vibrantly lit with unopened glow sticks, captured by long exposure to create some very original nature photography.





The team says they used headlamps and road flares to light the rest of the scene, and exposure time varied between 30 seconds and 7 minutes depending on the size of the stream. If you like this set, be sure to check out their related "Forgotten Luminance" series.

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Nature? hes introducing toxic chemicals into the river... although very cool picts tho! ;-)

No he's not. They don't break the glow sticks open. They float them down river and retrieve them. These aren't big waterfalls, it would be pretty easy to snag the sticks as they float down.

he didn't break the container and release the liquid in them. I am guessing he just released the light sticks into the current and let them get carried away, creating the trail.

if he has used the liquid inside, the liquid would not stay un-diffused for long.

Upol Zarief's picture

Nice low shutterspeed game :) !

Reading comprehension is your friend people. UNOPENED glow sticks using long exposure! There isn't even that much text to need to read here.