Nat Geo's Traveler Photo Contest Turns Out Incredible Images

Nat Geo's Traveler Photo Contest Turns Out Incredible Images

The 24th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest solicited Photographers to send in their best photo from their travels all over the world. Out of 12,000 images, these are 30 gathered from different categories. You can head over to the Nat Geo site to Vote on the Viewers' Choice winner until July 20. Which one do you think is best? Leave a comment below.

© Lisa Labinjoh

© John Chaney

© Erwin Choachuy

© Syaza Mohammed Shakharulain

© Gopal Ramachandran

© Lucia Griggi

© Giselle Natassia

© Ahmad Izzrafiq Alias

© Dani Grant

© Chantal Henderson

© Leona Boyd

Photo by Jennifer Barnaby

© Janet Kotwas

© Mario Davalos

© Emma Lozano

© Hisao Mogi

Photo by Stefano Spezi

© John Barnhardt

© Hank Zhao

Photo by Juan Hernandez

© Kamil Tamiola

© Camila Massu

© Seiya Bowen

© Giordano Cipriani

Photo by Dallas Nagata White

© Jorge Cervera

© Mac Kwan

© Thomas Jorion

© Matthew Thornton

© John Quintero
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Just AMAZING!!! 

Nicholas's picture

Just Brilliant. Absolutely stunning.

Andrew Barros's picture

beautiful in all their own ways, love it!

i love the cheetah, the surfer and the ice climber the best.

Shannon D Randall's picture

Epic! so many awesome shots with all the subject matter. The Killer whale and the seal is so dramatic 

Garrett Meyers's picture


Unbelievable images. Wow!

These are awesome!

Amazing images all the way! Very inspiring! 



awesome shots

Giselle Natassia's picture

Thanks for featuring my work :)

Kid Digital.'s picture

Dallas!! Representin' Hawaii!!

Kenneth D. Aston Jr.'s picture

I am not sure which is my favorite but I am leaning toward the one by John Barnhardt, dude on the bike with the sunlight.

Mother of god.....just looking at this pictures, i'm thinking in throwing away my camera. Just amazing !

Eddie11's picture

Absolutely amazing photos. I'm getting more into photography now and all inspiration is necessary.

I love the picture by John Barnhardt! Awesome light and he just captured the right moment!

Wow! Thank you for chosen my work among all these amazing photos.