[Photos] Adam Taylor Captures Captivating Landscapes

[Photos] Adam Taylor Captures Captivating Landscapes

Adam Taylor is a very talented photographer that I have followed here and there for the past few years. His portfolio has really grown as he has created some fantastic work in his campaign portfolio. But what I really like is the mystery that he brings to the table in his landscape photography. I love the muted tones and dark feel of most of these images. Enjoy!

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★✰★Original★✰★'s picture

strong work.

Gareth Bogdanoff's picture

Very nice.

John Dunne's picture

Some lovely work here. Great mix of the "grand" and the "intimate" in his Landscape images.

James's picture

Some worthy work .. some not as worthy .. 

Love the ones with the surfers! Really good work! 

/ <a href="http://zayaphotography.com/" rel="nofollow">Carlos Zaya Photography</a> 

Underwater HDR... Never seen that before.

Jeff Lowman's picture

I love his humanistic approach to landscape.  It's something that I try to keep out of mine, but I see how that element really brings a powerful connection to an audience.

Great work! 

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wow i dont want to be in my office anymore!!

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Always been a fan of Adam Taylor