[Photos] Timing Is Everything: Animal Photography

[Photos] Timing Is Everything: Animal Photography

Animal photography requires a great deal of time, patience, and let's just say it ... it takes a bit of luck. This post has some of the best examples of perfectly timed animal photos which seem like pure luck. Most of these shots are so incredible that if you blinked you would have missed it! But as a popular saying goes, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” What about you? What part does luck play in your photography? via BoredPanda

Photo by David Maitland
Photo by Urs Schmidli
Photo by Hakan Pekbelgin
Photo by Mahmoud Edeeb
Photo by Pam Mullins
Photo by Tustel Ico
Photo by: José Luis Rodríguez
Photo by Anders Grönlund
Photo by Yaki Zander
Photo by Vedran Vidak
Photo by yaki zander
Photo by cherly
Photo by Harry Roekens
Photo by Carli Davidson
Photo by Roeselien Raimond
Photo by Marina Cano
Photo by shimi eni
Photo by Eigil Rasmussen
Photo by Rick Ehrenberg
Photo by Geoffrey Baker
Photo by Peter Winnan
Photo by Peter Dam
Photo by John&Fish
Photo by Peter Dam

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#5-Eagle with contrails?

what in the....I don't even....

#22-Bird with plane contrails overhead


Tobias Solem's picture

Some of these are a bit "too good to be true".

Corey Melton's picture

just enjoy them for what they are. first rule of looking at photos

James Robertson's picture

Says who? There's no way in hell that praying mantis photo's legit. 

Alessio Vidal's picture

why not? only because it's absolutely awesome?

Marsha K Keeney's picture

  http://www.photozz.com/fizz/27... The praying mantis pic is here

Corey Melton's picture

the praying mantis shot is totally real

Guys, you really need to start posting photo credits when you're displaying someone elses images.  You may have linked to BoredPanda but theres no credits for these images on the above post.

Nathan Cashion's picture

Agreed. For all the posts complaining about photographers having their work stolen, you guys sure aren't helping prevent copyright infringement. At the very least, link the images to the original source so we can just click on them.

Marsha K Keeney's picture

 http://www.photozz.com/fizz/27417938.aspx The praying mantis pic is here

Cloning (very badly) the same fox yawing three times is a bit tedious.  Come on fStoppers you guys are bit above this rubbish.

Jaron Schneider's picture

Really? So, the angle difference and the fact that the jaws are open three different widths means nothing then.

The foxes are cloned..well not so much cloned and 3 pictures taken in succession of the same fox yawing and stitched together side by side...very badly too I might add. So that is how you can account for the angle difference and the fact that the jaws are open three different widths :)

Corey Melton's picture

above this? I posted a video about a barbie camera. where were you then?

Yep, bad cloning, you can see marks on the fox (middle back, to the right side of the mouth, the right side of the shoulder, top of the right leg, I won't even mention the background.

The dog and ball is superb......that dog looks like it had found its whole meaning of existence in that one small moment.
Sheer magic.

Very nice set of images here, its funny how we always think of these animals to be really graceful and elegant but then these photos show them in a new clumsy light :P But the giraffe licking the squirrel is very badly shopped...still funny though :)

Not to be a total kill joy but just have a look what I highlighted here in this image and you can see this is photo has been shopped. The paws are all the same as is the shadows in the fur on the leg and and shadows on the dirt are awful..as I said in a previous comment the way this photo has been achieved is by taking 3 separate photos of the fox yawing in secession and then stitching them up side by side :) 

Look also at the fur pattern on the back.  Halfway up the spine, you can see that little, dark, "backward slash".

About the only thing missing from these photos is some cheesy quotes about the meaning of life.  As  I said fStoppers is well above this sort of tacky rubbish.  Report card: Cory you can do better!

Corey Melton's picture

tell that to the tweet and FB like buttons ;)

Twitter & FB likes are hardly the measure of authenticity!  FStoppers is about interesting, creative, exciting photography, gear, stories etc not some droll cheesy fake photos.  A simple "yeah I stuffed up, I didn't check the authenticity of the images" and removal of a poor post would go a looooong way to restoring a modicum of credibility.

Corey Melton's picture

well, actually those buttons say a lot. They say "a ton of people like this". But it's cool that you dont like it, no problem. Not everyone will like everything.

Its not that I don't like them, some of them are cute, my kids loved them but the point is many of them a clearly fake and this is not what this site is known for.  Given your background as a PJ  you are well aware of the need to authenticate images/sources etc.  The opening  header is misleading “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” maybe it should read “Luck is what happens when you play in Photoshop for 1/2 hr!”.  From the content of images on your website you are clearly an accomplished photographer and are "better" than these sorts of droll images - a bird taking a dump on a tree stump - come on!  Cute is not creative or clever nor informative.

Some of these are faked, unfortunately. The one that I noticed right away is the picture of the three foxes. If you look closely at the foxes' front paws you'll notice two little rocks immediately beside them, camera left.  They appear next to each fox indicating that this was the same fox photographed three times, rapid-fire. 

Ooos, I just saw Elliott made the same observation!

Have to agree that most of these are merges of different pictures. In the picture of the bird and the rat, the rat seems to be jumping into the birds mouth. And birds never sit that tightly close together as they will not be able to spread their wing when the fly away or land. One would think fstoppers would be able to spot the fakes. But still interesting... 

Hi Cory, you seem to have taken down SOME of the shopped images, what about the two images with the plane contrails in them.  

The first one with the eagle has two such well defined contrails that if they were genuine the plane would appear in the image somewhere right about where the eagles tail feathers are.  To leave such a big contrail it would be clearly visible beyond the edges of the eagle. Photoshopped.  The second image of the stork (?) with the plane and contrail above is also clearly shopped.  The perspective on the plane is inconsistent with the perspective on the bird.  The angle of the plane's wings are inconsistent with vanishing point perspective and should be angled the other way.  Curiously, if you look at the image upside down the plane will now take on correct perspective and look 'natural'.  Photoshopped.

I am not normally a internet troll that goes hating on posts but this is not what fStoppers is famous for.  Come on Cory, Lee, Patrick and the team, visitors to the site don't want to see cute (bad) photoshopping of cheesy animals.  Otherwise love the site and visit daily.

Corey Melton's picture

the only shots that were taken off were the ones without photographer credits. If there were names associated with them they would still be on the post. I appreciate your concern ...

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