[Pics] Beautiful Circle Landscapes of Ireland by Marco Suarez

[Pics] Beautiful Circle Landscapes of Ireland by Marco Suarez

Check out this beautiful series of images by South Carolina-based photographer Marco Suarez. I'm sure these Irish landscapes would probably be just as great in a normal crop. But the circles add something nice to the composition. It's not something I see too often, and I think it's very appropriately used in this case. They have a nice mood to them, and I'm more drawn to slightly desaturated landscapes. I would very much like to have a set of these prints on my wall. My birthday is in September, just so you know.

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From Amy Hobbs:

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Evan Bourcier's picture

These are pretty awesome.

José T.'s picture

Moar hipster bs, in my opinion.

Nursultan Tulyakbay's picture

Different for the sake of being different, isn't that a hallmark of being hipster? I could see if that crop added something to the composition or if you had a circular motif going in the room you planned on hanging these. Whatever puts the lead in your pencil I guess - not for me. 

Not a huge fan. I feel like we're being ripped off.

It's a TONDO! I find that pretty cool actually, because it puts my eyes right on the middle and makes me focus on the depth of the photograph rather than the foreground.

Looks like your typical crappy Instagram shot with a circle crop... really don't see the awesomeness in it.  Different maybe but nothing special to me.

アイザック (Isaac Medina)'s picture

"It's hip to be square". Circlegram, here we come.
I liked 3 of them a lot. Some didn't do so much for me, but it's good to see something different everyday. Thanks Fstoppers.

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haters gonna hate. i like em

Two of them are really interesting and keep your eye moving constantly in a loop. Very nice. I don't think they are all winners, but the two I like I would hang as interesting conversation pieces.

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Circular instagram alert.

J Dreier's picture

Some of the circle crops provided a cool composition. Overall it just looks like a instagram filtered photo with a white circle crop.

Now, if this guy composed these photos all in-camera without any post production PS work I would be really impressed. 

Cool idea!
cant believe how negative people are...I think using the word hipster is being really hipster

As an Irish Landscape Photographer I'm obviously biased here but I can't see how these images present the stunning landscapes that surround me. As many have already mentioned they have an Instagram feel with generally poor composition and execution.

Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

As an Irish photographer too, not landscape though. I would 100% agree with John, the above images do not do justice to some of our stunning scenery. Just saying!

Karl Filip Karlsson's picture

This is funny!  I think you get it! :D