[Pics] Breathtaking Fairy Tale Scenes by Kirsty Mitchell

[Pics] Breathtaking Fairy Tale Scenes by Kirsty Mitchell

Tragedy struck Kirsty Mitchell four years ago when her mother passed away from a brain tumor. As a way of processing through the grief, Kirsty decided to pick up a camera and get lost in the world of photography. With an incredible imagination and extreme patience, Kirsty created some unbelievable fairy tale images to honor her mother by recreating the stories she was told as a child.

While it may look like these shots were taken in exotic locations, they were really all a result of careful planning with nearby options. In some cases, Kirsty would wait up to a year to plan an image so that the natural conditions would perfectly match her story book vision. Her background in fashion and design greatly enhanced the final product with unique costumes that play beautifully with the settings she shot in. Her creativity compensated for her small budget to truly recreate the fairy tale scenes.

As Kirsty slowly dreamed up the scenes of the Wonderland book, she decided to start blogging about her photo shoots. Details of the set up and photographing process can be seen HERE











[Via FS Reader David Pack]

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Great pics. It's tale not tail.

Tam Nguyen's picture

@MikeHeller:disqus maybe he meant "fairy ass"....

Extraordinary work!

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Awesome pictures!

She has talent! Amazing vision and great photographer!

Fantastic set. 

 nice to see something different,well done

Nothing but respect for her. This is true fine art for me. A well thought concept and execution. Shows images can still be made in camera for most part and need only standard post processing. Laziness or budget cuts would resort most photographers to loads of Photoshop work in these images.My hat off to you ms. Mitchell!


Amazing - great work.