[Pics] Mysterious Glass People Found in Scotland Forest

[Pics] Mysterious Glass People Found in Scotland Forest

These invisible figures are the creation of artist Rob Mulholland, and unlike the Invisible Mercedes, they don’t use LED mapping or a DSLR. They are in fact, glass sculptures made out of a material called Perspex which distorts reflections of the nearby area. Looks like something out of a certain 1980’s Arnold Schwarzenegger film. Hit the jump for images of this interesting, but also creepy project.

(One of these images may or may not actually be from the art project... I'll let you decide which one that is...)

(In case you don't get the reference, the last photo is a still image from the movie "Predator", where they are trying to shoot the invisible alien in the jungle.)

[via My Modern Met]

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It's alright to have opinions on people's art work, but I think it's unprofessional (for fstopper blog) to have the last image in the mix (guerrilla shoot 'em up).

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 Yui, sorry for any confusion– I wasn't trying to slight the artist, just make a movie reference as Noah pointed out. it's Friday so I thought I'd have a little fun :-)

Come on, it's OK to make jokes. Sometimes people are too serious. And I think most of us can see past the humor and appreciate the images. I wonder what the photographer/artist would have to say. Certainly, it's possible they were influenced by the movie. (otherwise maybe they wouldn't have thought to place these sculptures in the woods) I thought of Predator" before I even read the text accompanying the post. Whatever the case, the photos are cool and so are the sculptures. Good job Mike. And, I think given the start of Fstoppers, a little humor is almost always welcome. (think... iPhone fashion shoot)

You know the first thing I thought when saw this? Oooh, it's the Predator!

Haha that last photo made the post for me. @facebook-881665197:disqus  I think you are not understanding the last photo. It is not about an opinion of the wotk it is because the glass sculptures look like the invisible predator from the movie Predator so the last photo is a scene from the movie. 

Yeah, I get the movie reference.  Predator, Jem'Hadar, etc..


this is a fantastic work. great job by rob. surreal and creepy. love it. - also, i agree that we could do without the movie reference. it's not offensive it just doesn't add to the post and, if nothing else, detracts.

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"Perspex" is just a U.K. brand name for acrylic plastic (in this case transparent), in the USA acrylic plastic is commonly called by one of the famous brands "Plexiglas".