Seascape Photography That Makes You Wish You Were There

Seascape Photography That Makes You Wish You Were There

Here in the lovely freezing area of the the Inland Northwest, looking at images of the beach just warms me up even if it's cold in those locations. Looking through these shots really gives me that feeling and really makes me wish I could go to each location get away from this cold.

Francesco Gola has an extreme talent for these long exposure, gorgeous, vivid seascape shots. Each little bit of every picture is perfect.

Here's a little bit from Francesco:
"I was born in Italy, Pavia in 1981. I started taking photos couple of years ago and immediately fell in love with the endless borders of the inner frame.
Photography is a source of inspiration that allows me to reveal the relationship between the outside world of Nature and the inside world of dreams, thoughts, emotions, desires and wishes. Photography allows me to express self mental and emotional stimulation, mixed with idea and vision, and shape it into an art form."














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I still prefer Michael Kenna...

 I love Michael Kenna

beautiful photos

I've got some of these too if anyone would like to give'm a look-see.
Happy Saturday

I too shoot seascapes I can promise you won't be disappointed!

Pretty, but standard for long exposure with an ND filter and indistinguishable from a myriad others. By now I'd like to see more original images, not just sunsets with water smoothed out and some rocks or piers for balance.

But you guys just did a post with all the ND water shots anyone could want to see.
Why post more? There's little imagination in this type of shot anymore, just throw on a filter and shoot slow. Add PS as needed.
More of the same...

Amazing photos. Hey Guys a quick question any one knows any places like this close to Illinois any Idea I like to tried..

 Just find some water, toss on an ND filter, then use copious amounts of color gradient filter in Lightroom.

Excuse me Sir, there are several seascapers in the world that follow the Only Raw movement and we only adjust the raw and do not retouch. Working hard in the field you can get the almost-finished image without the need of using "copious amounts of color gradient filter in Lightroom". We should not complain when most of the people say "this image is retouched..." when they see a fantastic shot, if we send the same message to the world.