Shoot Above The Fog To Make Your Photos Look Dreamy

Shoot Above The Fog To Make Your Photos Look Dreamy

Many times having heavy fog outside means you can't really shoot much - it's hard to see anything and it's uncontrollable (unlike fog/smoke machines). But what happens if you decide to change your angle of shooting and go above the fog? taking a car to a nearby mountain or going on a tall skyscraper will give you a unique angle and view over the city where you can shoot great images of the city covered with clouds, images that not too many others have in their book. Here are some of the best Flickr photos of cities covered by fog. Enjoy!

Most of these photos were taken in New York, Dubai, San Francisco and Taiwan. Feel free to share with us your own photos of fog, and let us know what locations can work for creating images such as these.

Occasionally Taipei
Photo: james wang.

New York City on May 15, 2012
Photo: Steven Kelley.

Misty Monday / Rotterdam /Euromast
Photo: Rob de Voogd.

Foggy Sunrise
Photo: Alexis Birkill.

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, CA
Photo: JaveFoto.

Chicago Skyline - trailing storm clouds
Photo: Doug Siefken.

City in the Clouds
Photo: Ben Leshchinsky.

Summer's Blanket
Photo: Aaron M.

Fog (on Explore)
Photo: Francey David.

Stained Glass Clouds
Photo: Chris Morley.

Dawn on Cloud City
Photo: Daniel Cheong.

Dreaming city (Explored)
Photo: Ekaterina Aristova.

Shangri-La In The Fog
Photo: Clayton Perry.

Photo: Janusz Leszczynski.

Photo: Matthias.

Photo: Daniel Cheong.

Photo: Daniel Cheong.

Photo: David Yu.

Photo: Ron Shoshani.

Photo: Chris Morley.

Photo: Sharleen Chao.

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